Every marketer needs verified tips to advance click through rates, quality score and conversions. Here, in this article we’ll talk about chosen 5 hacks to make your AdWords Advert copy great.

Let’s take a look at them and learn how to write PPC ads that get clicked more & more:

1) End your ad with an exclamation mark

By adding an exclamation mark to the end of your ad increases its CTR by 7%. In case of AdWords ads, it works as a visual symbol and increases the perceived volume of ad voice.

Google appears to know how useful this little symbol is in capturing attention and when detects an exclamation mark at the end of an ad, gives you control how your ad actually displays in the top spots.

You can use it just once within the description lines and never within the headline or display URL.

You can further adjust the location of the exclamation point, maybe moving it to the end of the first line, on a different call to action within the ad, or out of your ad altogether.


Without punctuation, top position ad uses only ad headline. However, if you simply add an exclamation mark (or a period though that won’t show in the ad) at the end of the first copy line, your ad will display a longer headline, which will stand out more and probably grabs more clicks. 


2) Add/official-site to your display URL

What is a Display URL?

The webpage address that appears within your ad, typically shown in green text. 


A good display URL can increase your click through rate & conversion rate, and improve your quality score which in turn, causes your ad to show higher in the search results or lets you pay less for your current clicks.

When you add your official-site to your display URL, it signals that the click will lead to a website and so, increases CTR (by 5%).


3) Add sitelinks to your ads 

Sitelinks are an important part of successful ads.  They show value to potential customers before a click occurs and is also a factor of ad rank.

Adding sitelinks boosts the average CTR on an ad by 10-20% (+20-50% when the search is one of your branded terms), so that implementation should be time well spent.

Sitelinks allow 25 characters for the link itself, and that space allows for testing. And, somewhat shorter sitelinks have been found being effective, so, try to keep them closer to 18-20 characters for desktop and 12-15 characters for mobile.


4) Include brand name in your ad headline 

By including your brand name in your ad headline, you can increase your CTR by 11%. Yes, it helps you dominate your SERPs as giving searchers more opportunities to clicks.

Don’t simply stick with your company name, you can even use your specific products or even your URL. Branded terms have search volume and let you Capture high-quality leads that are near the point of conversion.

Now that you have all these tips to choose for, start blending them to find the recipe that works best for your PPC campaigns.

exmple 5

5) Add keywords to your display URL

It’s a smart idea to add a /keyword to your display URL. Google treats the term as a relevant part of the message and bolds it just like it does in the ad copy.

You can use dynamic keyword insertion in your display URL to have the keyword shown in your ad. This is repeatedly worth a test, and really the approach to using dynamic keyword insertion should be the same as if you’re using it in your headline.

Another trick for increasing CTR with the ad text display URL is using the keywords as the subdomain.


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