Google has numerous exceptional products and one of them is Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an advertising platform which helps website owners to monetize their sites by running relevant ads.

Although the platform has been advantageous for millions of website owners across the world, there remain certain questions in the mind of every publisher.

Let’s have a look at those questions which come often to AdSense publishers-
  1. Why my AdSense account got disabled?
  2. Why has Google not approved yet?
  3. How do I reach customer support?
Here are the top 5 AdSense Publisher Concerns

The following is a list of top concerns that AdSense publishers have. They are listed in no particular order.

Here is the list of top concerns that AdSense publishers often come with-

1) AdBlockers and AdSense Revenues

The first and foremost concern or worry of AdSense publisher remains how ad blockers affect their revenues.

The publishers would like to know if Google planned to get their adverts listed in adblockers to generate more revenue.

An adblocker sometimes stops running valuable ads that may bring huge profit to the publisher and thus the concern looks genuine.


2) AdSense Monetization and AMP

It has been found that publishers fear to lose their AdSense revenues if transitioned to AMP.

The WebmasterWorld forum members said AdSense revenues have been dropping for years.

Publishers try not to make a bad situation worse.

The testimonials rendered by successful AdSense publishers not enough. Publishers would like to have relevant videos with actionable advice.

Case studies of thriving AdSense implementation of AMP can prove to be very much beneficial if includes step by step instructions.


3) Poor Communication Between AdWords and AdSense Causes Wary

It has been found there is no interaction between Google AdWords and AdSense teams.

Whatever happens on the Adwords may influence publishers on the AdSense side.

AdSense publishers are looking for more and clear information from Google about the impact of changes from AdWords on AdSense.

You can take this as an example-

The Brand Safety update was exclusively covered for AdWords marketers in 2017, but it was not clearly known to AdSense publishers.

For example, the Brand Safety update was extensively covered for AdWords advertisers in 2017 but it was not well known by AdSense publishers.

A discussion held in AdSense forum from April 2017, there were numerous publishers who were unaware of the Brand Safety update.

What could be much better than this is if the AdSense support team communicates for the things coming down from the AdWords side and share with publishers about its impact them on the AdSense side?


4) Disabled Communication Between Google Play and AdSense

Now, it’s time of disconnect between the AdSense teams and the Google Play team.

There is the software to create apps that will further any kind of websites. As such a website can be promoted as an app on the Google Play.

The real drama starts here as users are employing the software to show the content of other publishers and monetizing that content with Ad Mob.

So, is this going to breach AdSense policies?

This example of a disconnect between AdSense and other Google teams shows the concern of publishers.

If this concern is addressed by Google, web publishers will definitely be happy.


5) Less Helping to Publishers Make More Money

Publishers certainly look for help from Google as for how a new feature will help a publisher to make more money.

If you look around the discussion in an AdSense community, you will find how to make more money or lose money are being talked more.

It may seem tactless to focus on making money. But making money and more to it What the AdSense is all about for publishers.

What you need to do in such situation is to keep your eyes on the updates of Google AdSense and the discussions happening in the forums. The latest news can only let the publishers which new feature has been added to the AdSense program and how is it going to help the publishers.



Google AdSense is definitely one of the great money making platforms and is being preferred by worldwide publishers.

But, AdSense money making activity is surrounded by the concerns of its publishers.

Here is the list of 5 AdSense concerns put by web publishers.

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