How to impress clients with your social media appearance like your competitors do?

It’s simple. Get Facebook and Twitter ad transparency tools.

And, this article is going to tell you all about those Facebook & Twitter transparency tools.

Facebook and Twitter Ad Transparency Tools

Facebook and Twitter enable users to see the ads running on the respective platforms and that becomes useful for marketer and businesses.

There are four ways by which users can utilize the information got from the transparency tools to their advantage.

But, before that let’s talk about ad transparency tools.

Facebook Ad Transparency Tool

Facebook’s info and Ads tab enable the users to “see all of the ads currently being run by any given page”, no matters that user is in the campaign’s target audience.


You can move to Facebook page to see the ads a business is running.

Then, click on the Info and Ads tab available on the left navigation bar.

If you want to access the ads on mobile, go to the Info and Ads available at the bottom-right corner of the header images.

Choose a region given in the drop-down list and you’ll see all global or country-wise ads running currently.


Twitter Ad Transparency Tool

Along with all of the ads run by a specific Twitter account in the last 7 days, the Twitter Ads Transparency Center also displays current engagement as favorites and retweets.

The Twitter ATC also allows you to see suspended ads, with the explanation of suspension.

You will have to go to Twitter Ads Transparency Center for seeing ads.

You’ll have to perform two actions in the search box available in the top-right corner.

First, enter a business name or username and another choose the profile you want to see from the list appeared on your screen.


You’ll see all of last 7 days tweets of the accounts.


Here are the four ways you can use these tools-

1. Conduct a Research for Competitor and Consumer Market Analysis

When it comes to use ad transparency tools, the first thing to start with is competitor research.

Seeing competitor’s ad campaigns can prove to be worthy for your business.

When you see a competitor’s campaign in any of the tools, you get engaged with those ads as you engage with them in the news feed.

Click on the CTA button and go to the landing pages.

For Facebook, you’ll have a complete visual component, either a video ad or a carousel ad.

Go through your competitor’s ads and find are they giving special offers they’re running.

Focus on the content types used in the ads to analyze if a different ad format would work better for your campaign.

Address the goal of their ads. Pick the root information of the ads like focus on clicks, driving purchases or anything else. Also, note if there is any variation in their Facebook and Twitter strategies?

Note everything possible shown in the ads, either through content or images.


2. Learn How to Use New Ad Features

If you look around social media, new ad features roll out now and then, especially on Facebook. It’s good to get new features, but sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the best uses for these new features.

While running ad campaigns, you would never want to get money spend uselessly trying to figure it out.

The ad transparency tools come to the center at this stage. See how the big brands use new ad features. You’ll come to know what a new feature does and how one can use it without spending any penny.

3. Tell Customers about Your Active Campaigns

You may find a Facebook post, “Hey, I saw an ad/offer for X but wasn’t able to click on it in time, and now I can’t find it again”?

It is so as users can engage with the ad campaigns in the transparency tools like they do in their news feed.

Consumers now have a chance to start the purchasing process or a signup which was missed earlier.


4. Share Active Campaign with Customers

There is a common practice to hire an external marketer by businesses to manage their social media profiles even though they have no idea of such marketing.

Still, those businesses look forward to see their ads and know what’s being run.

Now, the businesses can see the Info and Ads tab on their FB page and go for searching their username on the ATC to view all of their ad campaign in one time.



Ad transparency tools on Facebook and Twitter helps users see the current running ads and help to ideate a strategy for their businesses.

Above-mentioned ways help you how to use the ad transparency tools on Facebook and Twitter.

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