Many marketers apply various tricks to get their ads working phenomenally.

Choosing right landing pages, creating proper content, testing CTAs and much more work are done in order to get the best return from every ad published.

Alike CTAs and landing pages, links are equally important and connect your website and prospective customers.

These links can bring valuable traffic to your website if upgraded properly in Google Ads.

Here are 4 ways you can improve Links in Google Ads

1. Use Deep Links to Mobile App Engagement

If you are running mobile ads, the deep links can improve the performance and take the users further down the sales funnel.

These links take users to a specific screen in an app or encourage them without the app to download it.

Deep links are dedicated resources for boosting app engagement, increasing conversions and minimizing the bounce rate.

With the rise in mobile advertising, deep linking is the best way to engage with users who have downloaded their app.

Google Ads allow advertisers to call on prospects to complete a certain activity. Then, with the help of deep linking advertisers can send users directly to a certain page that has been made for that action. As easily users can perform the action, the more likely they are to convert.

This can give you a better return on investment (ROI) results.


2. Create URL tags to See the Usefulness of Your Ads

Many marketers keep watching and tracking their marketing actions in order to find what’s most efficacious and thus wisely allow the budget.

You can use UTM tags on your URLs to see detailed data on ad clicks all in one place.

Using UTM tags will enable you to see all the information in Google Analytics so that you can compare it with other marketing campaigns and channels.

Google Ads brings an auto-tagging option where you can edit this tag information without losing your data.

Just remember that these tags will only perform in Google Analytics.

If you’re going to use another analytics platform or want to add tags throughout your advertising links, go for adding UTM parameters to your destination URLs.

You can add UTM parameters either manually or using a UTM builder.

3. Use Branded Links to Boost CTRs

A survey tells that branded links can enhance the CTR of links on social platforms by up to 39%.

So, if your goal is to do promotion through social media resources like tweets or stories, you might for featuring a branded link.

These URLs can also be used as a part of PPC ads to enhance engagement too.

In Google, a high CTR will increase your ads’ Quality Score, and hence will be helpful in decreasing costs.

Branded links are such a powerful resource that would definitely make your ad stand out. It is so because they can be customized.

You can use to make a strong CTA.


4. Detect Device, Location to Direct the Traffic

HubSpot’s Smart Content allows marketers to show diverse content depending on the user’s location, device, and many other factors.

If you’re able to track a user’s IP and suppose they are coming from the USA, you can direct them towards your American website.

You can also set page routing based on the UTM tags available in the link to be clicked on.

This will offer a better user experience for visitors.



Link building always helps in offers a better user experience preferably bringing desirable traffic to a particular web page.

In Google Ads, the link building & upgrading efforts play the same role, so it is suggested to upgrade the links from time to time.

Here are 4 ways you can improve the links in Google Ads.

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