Who are you, an individual or a business?

For both entities, Instagram offers immense popularity.

Though followers could be grabbed easily, you may be unfollowed in no time.

The ratio of “follow to unfollow” is quite fluctuating and thus, retaining followers for a long run seems challenging.

In this article, you will come to know how to retain your Instagram followers in the easiest way possible.

1) The app that tracks followers

There are various apps that help you monitor or track your Instagram followers. You need to choose or pick an app that offers a user-friendly interface like Iconosquare.

The app allows you send your data manually, and you can go for scheduling automated reports to be sent to your inbox. You can know everything about your community in real-time.

Iconosquare does following things for you-

  • Trails new followers and unfollowers
  • Trails users who you follow but don’t follow you back
  • Lets you follow and unfollow users with a simple click.
  • Discovers follower’s language, demographics and locations

The app gets you a better handle over your followers and also how can you increase your following.


2) The Hashtag Game 

Your audience may be from different genres and thus, it’s essential to target them separately with your hashtags.

It’s all necessary that from where and which hashtag you’ve chosen for them.

Your hashtags are resources that extend your reach beyond your current followers and catch new eyes to your posts.

As such, it is imperative to strategize your hashtag selection procedure.

Avoid generic hashtags that are tagged on millions of photos. When people are using those hashtags every second, your post will instantly get lost in the weeds as new ones are published.

Get out of the use of generic hashtags as your post will immediately get lost in the weeds when new ones are published.

Here is data of generic hashtags-
  • #photography: 100,000,000+
  • #business: 20,000,000+
  • #inspiration: 73,000,000+
  • #fitness: 19,000,000+
  • #nofilter: 188,000,000+

How to strategize your hashtag selection procedure?

For better hashtag selection, you should choose a top hashtag tool like Hashtagify.

Hashtagify offers its own search engine which enables a user to find prominent and desired hashtags.

If your goal is to find the prominent trending and latest hashtags for Instagram, Hashtagify does its best.

The tool also brings the best hashtags for Twitter and allows you to do much more than hashtags.

You can completely strategize the procedure.


3) The planned content

Content is always an important part of the Instagram promotion. But, to go efficiently with your promotion efforts, you should prepare a content strategy.

What kind of audience you’re attracting or losing, either they’re real or bots, both are significant.

You need to assess the overall content creation that you’ve been sharing on your Instagram account.

Your followers visit your account due to your content and unfollow you for the same.

So, whenever you’re going to post anything on your account, ensure what kind of value you are giving to them.

If you don’t have any idea, here are some suggestions-

  • Share the original post or if you’re sharing anyone else’s post, give credit to them.
  • Post your own videos and images.
  • Post something that resonates with your audiences like food videos and photos.

Rather than branding yourself, try to come up with posts which are informational and create value for them.


4) The posting schedule

If you don’t consider the “posting time” as an important part of your Instagram strategy, you’re certainly making a mistake.

Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram also has a specific time period on weekdays and weekend to post content.

Apart from time consideration, you also have to assess your posting frequency.

When did you last post your news and when you should post your next?

So, again you’ve to make your posting strategy to get more and more engagement.

Remember, Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users and figures would definitely go up.

So, never a miss chance to utilize the platform to the fullest for your marketing benefits.



Instagram can bring huge engagement for a business or an individual.

But to achieve the goals, you need to strategize your marketing process.

Here are some remarkable strategies for your Instagram promotion.

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