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Budget is a critical issue while creating ad campaigns for Facebook.

You always like to spend less and gain more from advertising efforts.

Amid all these, you too need to keep your post’s engagement highly positive notifying the Facebook algorithm in order to boost the reach and increase the range of your targeted audience even though you pay less for all activities.

In this content, you will find some tips for making a reasonable Facebook advert.

What Factors Get Low Cost for Your Facebook Advertising?

Before you know how to reduce the cost of Facebook ad cost, let’s know how the cost is determined?

Advertisers and marketers are asked to pay for ad impressions offered in units of 1,000, which are reported as CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions in Ads Manager). The CPM varies on the basis of timing, placement, budget, target audience, market supply, demand, overall creative quality, and relevance score for every campaign.

Now, you also have to understand the significance of engagement custom audience. It’s a list of users who have interacted with your Facebook content. The good thing about the custom audience is that these audiences firstly interacted with you due to brand aspects and later become your personal audience pool.

There are lots of factors that help to analyze the behavior and expectations of custom audiences and they CTA  button, engagement reactions, and others.

Amid all of these activities, there is a crucial concern how to create reasonable Facebook ads keeping custom audience intact.

Repurpose Your Successful Tactics having High Post Engagement Rates

Saying concisely, the engagement rate is the percentage of users who hit your post so much that they get interacted with it in the form of reaction, comment, share and click after seeing and reading your posts in their news feed.

Steps for calculating your post engagement-
  • Sign in to your page admin
  • Open your Facebook Page Insights
  • Scroll down a little, you will “Your 5 Most Recent Posts section” and now click on “See All Post”.
  • By Default, you’ll see the top of the “See All Post” having three colored boxes and two drop-down menus. Select “Reach” from the first drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Engagement Rate” from the second drop-down menu.

Now,  you need to find the posts which got maximum engagement rates and compare these posts to pick out the pick out those which are similar. Make a note about what’s working and increase your practice of assessment. Leave the posts with low engagement.

Keep refreshing your content strategy and try to the same or create better posts than current ones.

As such, from the next time with the changes in the Facebook algorithm, you will be able to optimize the content which performed best with your audience.

Higher engagement rate for post ensures that they would be more relevant to the Facebook algorithm and more people will reach your content.

And when the numbers of post engagement reach will become greater, you’ll be able to create a retargetable engagement custom audience and you can easily fetch them reasonable Facebook ads.

Reason? You are popular now.

Facebook Insights

See your post


Engagement rate


2) Create content that is engaging

When it is said to make a  post which engages your targeted audiences, then it should be extremely conversational where your audience can share their views and knowledge again and again.

Remember, your post should not be self-promoting.

Now, how to create a conversational content?

For this aspect, you should ask questions, teach and that way tries to create engage them in chat thread on your page.

Now, more interaction of people on your page, the algorithm will find your content equally relevant.

This will more users and thus increase the number of those warm audience for the purpose of retargeting.

Here are some ideas that will help you “keep the conversation flowing” and definitely grow your custom audience engagement.

For B2C content, motivate your audience to share about themselves and for the B2B community, for their business.

Conversational Content

3) Use Engagement Looping for Enhancing Engagement Rate

What to do increase the momentum of these tips, you can use the trick “engagement looping”.

With this trick, you can enhance more chats with your Facebook page audience while responding to your post’s comments.

When you apply this procedure, Facebook starts displaying your post to your friends and known ones in a natural way.

Here’s how it works. When you receive a comment on your Facebook posts, don’t just like the comment and move on. Respond to every comment in a way that encourages community and dialogue.

This tactic works a lot and enhances the chances of audience return to post conversation up to 50-60%. It also signifies the algorithm that your content includes all guidelines.

Here is an example-


4) Target Fans with Separate Campaigns

Take your fans separately. Make a list of true fans of your business or service and target them with exclusive custom campaigns. Apart from that also pick out your Facebook fans from regular audiences.

This is because Facebook fans are the best audiences for increasing the rate of engagement and conversation.


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