The Internet is flooded with content and there is branded as well.

The branded content tends to attract customers towards adverts, banners, and other such branded communication.

But, what to do to make branded content more authentic?

The solution is to create user-generated content

What is User-Generated Content?

It is the kind of content that surrounds a brand, mainly posted by the third party or another user.

It acts as not only a strong social proof but makes powerful brand credibility.

So, how to boost ROI with the help of user-generated content-

Here are the solutions-

1. Running Contests

Running a UGC-led content is the easiest way to engage your followers.

But, firstly you need to define the goal of your contest, in this case, it would be delivering more UGC contest.

Then make the guidelines of the contest and try to keep it simple to get more and more participation.

In the next step, decide the platforms to run it and after that comes a vital task i.e. promoting the contest.

Not only social media, choose to send emails to your customers about the contest, run banner and also include influencers to create buzz.

In your contest, add contest which would be useful for your customers or encourage them to comment.

Thus you can build a long-lasting relationship with your followers.


2. Make Your Product Pages Engaging

Testimonials act as a great user-generated content which has the power to influence buying behavior.

A survey reveals that 71% of consumers agree that UGC reviews ensure them secured to convince to buy a particular product over another.

The data ensures businesses to add more user-generated in their marketing strategy.

Instead of reporting UGC on your social channel, why not to put it there where it can make a bigger impact?

Link your content to respective product pages to increase conversions and sales.

This is how you can give the customer more authentic visual proof to encourage them to purchase your product.


3. Create UGC-oriented Blogs

If you own a blog, you can get inspired from the user-generated content you receive through several mediums and create a post around it.

For instance, if you’re a branded jewelry company, you could write a blog on “X ways to choose a necklace” and use all the UGC content that explains them.

Remember to give credit to all those followers whose images you have used by tagging them.

Everyone loves a mention on social media and they are likely to share your blog post on their pages as well.

Ensure you would share credit to all those followers whose images ware used by tagging them.

Another way to include user-generated content in blogs is by asking open-ended questions on social media platforms and write a blog where you can add the best answers and give people credit.

This is how can you come with UGC content while delivering value to your readers.

4. Do Not Forget To Add UGC in Social Media Adverts

To promote your brand, you spend an ample time and money to make those perfect adverts to run on social media, but home many of them get consumers to purchase section.

In the survey made by Facebook, UGC content brings 6.9 times higher engagement than brand-oriented content because users find user-generated content ads more engaging and credible.

Additionally, when it comes to ads, Facebook prioritizes content relevancy and UGC content as the most reliable of the lot. It sure costs less and offers greater ROI.

You can check the following example of Facebook carousel ads using user or consumer-generated content.



If you are not able to convince your consumer to purchase, then certainly there are loopholes in your ad content.

To effectively promote your brand and call consumers to buying desk, you should use user-generated content where users are given credit, reliability, and authenticity.

Here are 4 ways you can utilize user-generated content to boost your brand’s ROI.

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