Looking for ways to share links on Instagram to drive more traffic to your Instagram?

In this article, you’ll get 4 different ways to share links on your Instagram profile.

1) Include a Link to Your Instagram Bio

The first and simplest way to share link is to add it in your Instagram bio. Ensure, this is a clickable link.


Imagine this as your “home” link, this way you can share links with people who happens to visit your profile.

There is a distinction on the best strategy of adding a link to the bio. Some link to their mobile website and leave it at that and some update their bio link at regular intervals and drive users to the content from their posts.

Another way to link sharing on Instagram is by sharing transient links in your stories. If you’re looking to keep that content available, you can save the stories as permanent highlights that have clickable links.


2) Use Different Link Services to Expose Multiple Links

When Instagram got popular with marketers, link services were almost on their peak, but later on, their popularity dipped.

There are different link service providers, one is Linktree where you offer followers with a list of clickable buttons. The Workspace For Children employs Linktree to direct users to their latest blog posts, activities, and Amazon Shop.

Insta 3

Pick a style and color combination that matches your Instagram posts and stories. If users click on your links and find something that looks very different, they would start doubting your brand.

See this example of the Good Quote which uses a constant color palette for their Instagram posts and Linktree page.


Some services, e.g. Later’s Linkin.bio, uses video links, photo carousels, and even Shopify integrations.


Just remember that such photo grids can be data killers. Also, ensure your chosen link service works on a broad range of mobile devices.

3) Share Short Links to Landing Pages in Instagram Post Captions

There is no way to include clickable links in the captions of normal Instagram photo posts, but it doesn’t mean that post captions are worthless. They can still be used to get the attention of users. You can share extracts from your content, and amplify your reach with carefully chosen hashtags.

If you want to see your post captions for links on Instagram working, take the below example into the consideration.


Write Clear Directions to Live Links

Whether you are including a link in your stories or your bio, make it clearly visible. Once tactic to share directions to a live link and add a shortened link which people can copy if they select.

See the below example-

4) Include Swipe-Up Links to Your Instagram Stories

Some brands can add live links in their Instagram stories. Since stories are transient, they’re a great resource to share links to new or time-sensitive content. Its examples are limited-time promotions, flash sales, giveaways, and seasonal events, etc.

On the other hand, you can save stories with a swipe-up link in the highlights section on your profile. These stories will remain pinned between your bio and photo grid. Utilize highlights as a library for evergreen content, like top-selling products, essential FAQs, and past events to show new followers what they’ve missed.

See the below example of Chocolatier Auro-


Whether you want to keep an Instagram story evermore or for only 24 hours, remember that every story will last in 15 seconds. Therefore, viewers won’t get enough time to react, to create the call to action (CTA) very clear.


Instagram links can help you generate immense traffic on your posts. You just need to know the various ways of using the links.

Here are 4 ways you can use links in your Instagram profile.

Hope you find these ideas useful!!

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