Your competitors might have attracting, engaging and entertaining social pages than yours and you would be thinking to surpass them.

How to do it?

Yes, you need some great ideas to bring more and more social engagement.

And, so, here we have described 4 different types of visual content to increase social engagement on your social pages.

1) Let Images Tell about Your Taglines

Taglines present your goals in few words and that’s the ultimate way of notifying your audience about the product or service.

So have you made a proper engaging tagline for your brand?

If you look around your industry, you’ll find more text-based taglines.

So, are they working up to the expectation?

For brand recognition, marketers should realize that each update published on social media is an opportunity.

As a marketer, you’ll try to make social media updates that show and tell people something about the tagline, if not everything.

It would be a better idea to stick with the brand and its offers. If you add images or photos to your taglines, they will turn out to be more exciting and engaging.

You can check the following example of Red Bull’s advertisement including the tagline “Red Bull Gives You Wings”.


When Red Bull’s social media strategy was studied by Simply Measured, it was found that the brand has “over 40 million Facebook fans, over 2 million YouTube subscribers, over 2 million Google+ circles and more than 1.8 million Twitter followers. Only 5% of their posts comprise of images and photos but deliver 90% engagement on these channels.


2) Use Text Overlays

There are some advertisements that immediately get immersed in the eyes of the audience and some even after trying a lot could not do so.

If you’re the later brand type, don’t you think “how to relate to your audience needs”?

Your success depends upon how well you connect with your fans through your posts.

It could be nicer for you to know and show the people about the depth of your brand.

Also, you should know and show the people about the depth of your brand.

You can check the following example-


If you notice their technique of advertising, it’s simple and effective-

The technique comprises the use of image and phrase and you can follow the same strategy to become the favorite of the audience.

3) Present Your Statistics in a Different Way

Stats educate you in no time. But, a simple presentation of statistics won’t get the desired result.

Then what would be the best way to present it?

The answer is to use your stats in the form of visuals comprising the texts.

When your content includes stats, you have to be more creative about how you want to present them.

See this example.


4) Make Images that Show Humor & Engagement

Social media is a happening place where people come with interesting ideas of advertisement every day.

So, what’s yours?

Won’t be it better to offer fun to your audience through your brand’s posts and also try to entertain your consumers with humor that you can add in your posts.

People have forgotten to smile and laugh due to their busy life schedule.

So, you start relating them to your ads; make them feel your proposal is made only for them.

Targeting an audience with humor-filled content would be a great idea.

Whatever you’re selling, add unique things into your posts, either in texts or images or both.

See the following example of H&R Block-



You can promote your brand on social media in different ways, but the visuals create a distinct impression.

If you ideate the best ways to create visuals, the engagement rate will increase and you can put your competitors behind.

Here are 4 types of visuals that help in increasing social media engagement.

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