When looking forward to use Twitter ads, you must give a thought to how to improve the ad targeting.

Here, in this article, you’ll come to know about 4 different analytics tools that will help you research and create better Twitter ad campaigns.

1) Followerwonk 


Moz offers an amazing analytics tool Followerwonk that comes up with superb time-saving features for finding key influencers or exploring the locality of your followers. Anyone can use this tool generously but needs to subscribe for $29 per month.

The tool comes up with high-quality insights and is able to identify followers of an account by their regions and browsing patterns leading you to increase the potential for engagement. Followerwonk also allows you to find influencers as per their streams and then you can interact and build a network with popular influencers.

The algorithm of the tool helps in the assessment of social authority of an account. This feature is useful when you’re going to identify influencers, track competition and monitor your own progress on the site.

Although, the bio keyword search function is the worthiest feature of the tool. When you enter a set of keywords into the search field, you get a list of the most influencing tweeters on a topic and compare the strategies seamlessly. This feature also helps you micro-targeting users who would be interested in your products or services.

Let us understand this by an example; you’ve created a new social tool for scheduling and cross-posting content. Now, you want people to check out your tool and go to sign up for the paid plan. Followerwonk’s Search Bios function will help you in finding people who are engaged in social media.

Followerwonk 2

You can use several keywords, like social media specialist, social media consultant, and social media manager. But, to put the right keyword, you need to drape key phrases in quotes like “social media specialist”. Searching “social media specialist” will take you to more than 5000 results. You can trim your results clicking on More Options.

Now, you need to export the list to a CSV file to utilize as your tailored audience.  Now, click on the export icon and go for downloading the list. Edit the list and leave a single column with usernames.

Followerwonk 3

While creating a Twitter Ads campaign, click on Tools and choose Audience Manager.

Followerwonk 4

Now, Create New Audience and upload the list. When you’re creating an ad, pick your custom audience list placed in tailored audience tab.

Followerwonk 5

2) Twitter Analytics Tool 

Twitter Analytics

Twitter offers its own analytics platform and so, you get to know about metrics, social media performance, engagements, mentions and how frequently users have shared the content of your website.

The tool sends you regular summaries of followers, impressions, mentions and profile visits along with an additional percentage indicating the increase or decrease (month wise) prior. The tool also shows important tweets, followers and mentions gained in the month along with a solid explanation.

The Audience section allows you to learn more about your audience and the ways of better interaction with them. In this section, you have to click the Demographics tab to know the insights about the people who are following you as well as their age and location.

This information can be used to target users who are the potential audience to engage with your ads.

3) Klear 

If you’re eyeing to target millions of influencers from one platform, you need to use Klear. The most sophisticated influencer search engine on the internet offers 500 million profiles, 60, 000 categories for searching and 5 years of historical data and all are justified.

Rather, with this interface, you can find key influencers in any niche in no time. You can use the tool freely in a limited version and need to schedule a demo for more information on the advanced version.

How to improve Ad Targeting?

Understand this by an example, if you’re eyeing to reach people who would show interest in your social scheduling tool, you would go for targeting audiences based on top social influencers. Hence, people who follow these influencers may be into digital marketing and respond to your ad.

This tool also calculates True Reach that focuses on the brands that an influencer recommends on their account and also their key demographics for the region, gender, and age.


While editing a Twitter Ads campaign, you can target an audience based on particular influencers.

Klear 2

You just need to select Additional Audience Features and then choose the Add Followers option.

Klear 3

There you can enter the influencers you want.

4) Tweepsmap 


Tweepsmap is an excellent visualization tool to find more about followers and also targeting them who are probable to respond to your ad. It’s a simple and free service. Twitter users are present across the world and the density of followers comes from specific nation and cities.

The map-driven insights enable you to see the mentions and unfollows are coming from. This will help you in knowing your audience and avoid targeting them who may not respond to your ad.

Tweepsmap not only brings personal performance analytics, it avails some precious insights into keyword performance from across the world. You can search and find hashtags based on their performance in particular countries and regions, along with same words. You can also find references to your brand and find your tweet has been retweeted in which part of the world.


Twitter is truly a magnificent platform for marketing purposes. Twitter comes up with its analytics tool that allows users to improve their ad performance.

Not only Twitter, there are other analytics tools as well which can help users to target and scale up their ad performances.  Which one is your favorite, do let us know in comments below?

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