Wondering which way you can make your LinkedIn profile more effective for your business?

Today, users have become wise and they gather each and every detail before entering into a business deal.

LinkedIn is a great medium to communicate with other businesses and offer your products or services to them.

But, the LinkedIn community is smarter and wiser and won’t pay attention to you, if your profile doesn’t look reliable.

Here are the 4 ways you can use videos to make your profile strong and trustworthy-

1) Use Educational Videos to Create Strong LinkedIn Profile

In business, experts suggest educating your audience instead of direct selling. This strategy truly works on a professional platform like LinkedIn.

Whatever you want to offer, present them in a way that looks you’re to make people aware of that. You can take the help of videos to do this.

These days LinkedIn prefers explainer-style videos where you can give an educational angle to your advertisements.

An educational video focuses on a topic that revolves around the product or services of the business and along with education, explains the vision and mission of the company.

Now, when your video is ready, try to post it on your company or personal LinkedIn profile.

You can use a promo video in the Summary section of your page so that whenever someone visits your page can quickly come to know about your offerings.

Use this tactic in tandem with news updates.

LinkedIn 1

2) Keep Ideating for Making LinkedIn Videos

Marketing is all about innovation that thinking new ways to promote your brand. If you blindly follow only one method of advertisement, your branding goals will surrender.

So, what to do keep innovative approach alive in you-
  • Listen to podcasts that resonate with your brand.
  • Read books that can change your perspective on a subject.
  • Watch videos and read articles to know your industry in a much deeper way.

Creating and sharing insightful content on the latest news are great ways to show you’re active in your industry.

Taking inspiration from other content sources or branding ideas keep your stress low while creating a new content piece.

Whenever you attend a conference or an educational event, ensure you make a quick video something interesting learned from the speakers.

Else you can also come self-ideas and advice like shown in the below example.

See this in below example-

3) You can Repurpose Different Content and make LinkedIn Videos

Repurposing is a tactic that is handy and offers great results.

When you go for video marketing on LinkedIn, you need to explore how brands use the platform to interact with users.

Repurposing is something that almost every brand does.

Assume yourself as a proficient marketer writing informative blogs, creating company-branded social media posts and others.

To attract customers through LinkedIn, take a content piece and divide it into before and after the video.

This way, even a less enthusiastic LinkedIn user could see a more visually appealing example of your product or service.

Such users won’t be looking for your product, but they might pay attention to your video.

It’s not necessary to have a blog as a content-repurpose material, any content can be recycled, but that should resemble your offers.

Add appropriate hashtags in a quick question-answer LinkedIn video and that will also be easily available for search.

4) Use LinkedIn Groups to Connect with Industry Experts

Another method of successful LinkedIn video marketing is to share your video in a niche-related LinkedIn group.

LinkedIn groups can prove to be strong networking tools when used correctly, but you should take precautions while participating.

Ensure you contribute and add value to the group.

Share an industry video to initiate a conversation in a group. The videos take out issues to your company’s industry without promoting the company.

To increase more engagement in the group, try creating video replies to current threads where you directly talk to the camera.

You can also take interviews of industry experts and show on your business or personal LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn is the only platform where you can meet numerous brands and people.

To turn your meeting into profitability, you need to follow some tactics.

Here are 4 tactics which will help you to better LinkedIn video marketing.

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