Are you looking to advertise on Facebook’s Marketplace?

Want to know how to place your ads on the platform?

In this article, you’ll learn how you can promote your products and services on Facebook Marketplace.

1) An Ad Campaign with an Objective

Facebook Marketplace is available for certain campaign goals as a placement option.

The Marketplace can be accessed in the Reach, Conversions, Traffic, Catalog Sales and Video Views objectives.

If your Facebook ad campaign is already going on and utilizes one of these goals, skip this step.

For ad creation in Marketplace, move to Ads Manager and click on Create.


Choose the relevant campaign objectives.


Add a name to the campaign and click on Continue.


Now, you’ll move to the Ad Set Creation page.

2) Select the Marketplace Ad Placement

Facebook’s Marketplace is bringing new ad placement available in most U.S. ad accounts and soon will be available in other countries.

If you want to check the availability of Marketplace in your Facebook account, scroll down to the Placements section.

Now, you have to choose Edit Placements.


Right now, Marketplace is available only as a mobile placement option, not for desktop.


For ad accounts which have this functionality, Marketplace is included when Automatic Placements is chosen. This indicates that Facebook marketers will do the advertising in Marketplace without knowing it.


Right now, it’s not possible to promote exclusively in Marketplace. You also need to have “Facebook Feeds selected to use Marketplace as a placement option” else you’ll get this warning message.

Ensure Marketplace is chosen and then put the rest of your targeting details.

3) A Facebook Marketplace Video Ad

Now, you can move into the Ad Creation section. The recommended ad specification for Marketplace will be the same as news feed ads and one can’t alter ad creative between those two placements.

Facebook sets pixel size for single image i.e. 1,200 x 628 pixels and for carousel images, it will be 600 x 600 pixels.


The ads would look similar on both placements, but the context remains different, therefore few things will work on Marketplace and others won’t.


Different to the news feed, Marketplace is occupied with static images, so videos will do much better performance here.

If you’re looking to find video ads in Marketplace, then it is next to impossible right now. But the video ads from news feed will deliver fantastic results in Marketplace.

The ad helps in advertising the right kind of product to the right audience when it is in the right mindset. The video format for product demonstration will grab the user’s attention in an amazing way.

4) Analyze Results of Marketplace Ad Placement

It is recommended to test Marketplace placement as it can deliver great results for certain businesses, products, and ad formats.

You can filter the ad reports after comparing Marketplace’s performance to other placements.

What you need to do is choose “By Delivery > Placement from the Breakdown drop-down menu.”

For U.S. advertisers using Automatic Placements with their Facebook campaigns, there is a possibility that they might be advertising in Marketplace without knowing it.


This indicates that you may already have data you can utilize to check Marketplace’s effectiveness for your offers.


Competition is one of the major factors deciding the cost of Facebook ads.

If there is less advertiser competition on early stage, it leads to lower cost than other placements, making it a huge short-term opportunity.

But as soon as other Facebook advertisers start using the placement; this advantage is likely to vanish. As a marketer, you should look for what latest opportunities are surfacing across the social media.

This time Facebook Placement is the latest which is very less popular but owns a great opportunity.

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