Are you writing loads of “quality” content?

But, still failing to achieve the set target. If you think, you’re alone, you aren’t.

Commonly, every marketer thinks that their content pieces are made with superb interest including all the given guidelines that denote these to be “high quality.”

Normally, the quality content is decided on the basis of nine factors “Length, Visual Appeal, Grammar, Spelling, Formatting, Readability, Expertise, Trustworthiness and Authority”.

But, does this really happen? If not, then what are the factors that decide is your content high-quality? Take a look here-

1) Quality Content Achieves Google Ranking

One of the most reflecting ways to evaluate content as quality content is the ranking in Google. The combination of dwell time and numbers of click on your content simply measure the engagement. Now as per recent data, ranking on Google is rapidly decreasing for the content having low dwell time.

Yes, it is difficult to measure precise stay time by visitor, but a calculated time on any site gives a proportional idea of dwell time on the same. The relevant quality content gives a boost in ranking. Dwell time includes three components, “Session Duration, Bounce Rate, and CTR”.


2) Quality Content has lots of Social Media Engagement

Social media is a platform, where you find every sort of audience. They are active and participating well in their social network. So, if your content is triggering right nodes in the social media, then it surely has the quality to drag attention of masses.

Facebook shows you the organic engagement where people starts even liking, sharing and commenting on the fake news too as their biases are getting validated. But, we are not supporting this, contrary to this we can take learning for sure.


3) Quality Content has superb CTR

Converting a visitor into the potential user is the outcome a website needs for. If a website is getting lots of CTRs (click-through rates), but stay time is quite low and people are swiftly closing the pages, then you can never expect having this experience to turn a visitor into a user.

So, what triggers it? Simply a great, well written, relevant, to-the-point and in focus content does this for you. This is an important factor which brings business to you. So, once a visitor gets engaged with your content, they most likely converts as like getting a product from you, or signing up with your website and so on.


4) Quality Content Provides Value

Why would Google show your content above others? This is the one thing which gives you a perspective about how to create a quality content. Content needs to offer value, a pointwise detailing of benefits on which users can focus readily.

It should remain interesting and useful for the users even after a long time of posting. An innovative idea, impactful posts, un-identified needs of customers all if taken into one shell and when content is prepared taking these in accounts then it becomes long-lasting.

Including troubleshooting information/FAQs works as added attraction. Taking care of your target audience, offering helpful information, including current popular affairs about your industry, unique presentation, these all add a combined value to your content.



“Content is king” and every marketer knows this fact, but what to do to keep it performing like always? You need to produce it on regular basis.


Above mentioned are the 4 traits that define your content is of high-quality. Take a look and know how to figure it out.

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