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Do you want your YouTube videos to rank in YouTube search?

Looking for tools to optimize your titles, keywords, and tags?

Here, we have mentioned 4 tools to tell high-performing keywords for your YouTube content.

#1 Google Trends- To Weigh Topic Interest


It’s always important to find a topic that’s interesting to your audience and to do it, you can use Google Trends. It helps you see those proposed topics having enough importance on YouTube.

How to do it?

You need to enter your topic into the Explore bar, and next appears the results page. Now, select YouTube Search from the drop-down menu of “Web Search.” Further, it will display a graph showing you how much interest your topic has had within the span of 12 months. You can further customize the results by country and scroll down to find related search queries as well. 

#2 Ubersuggest- To evaluate Keyword Search Volume and Competition 

After developing initial keyword ideas, it’s time to analyze them using a free tool like Ubersuggest.

You need to enter your keyword in Ubersuggest; next, have to select YouTube from the drop-down menu.


Using Ubersuggest, whether it is for SEO or PPC, you’ll get an overview on everything. From volume to seasonality, to cost per click data, Ubersuggest keyword tool shows you everything. It’s free and so, you can use the keyword tool as many times as you want without any limitations. The tool takes only a couple of seconds to analyze the keyword.

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#3 YouTube Autosuggestions- For Additional Keywords

Autosuggestions in the YouTube Search tool work as one of the best ways to find effective keywords because these keywords always show whenever searchers enter a topic.

Taking a look at these can help you find more well-liked keyword ideas. Enter your topic and then, see what kind of autosuggestions YouTube displays for that keyword.

When entering a term like “YouTube SEO tools” into the search bar, you’ll get a set of great long-tail keywords for you to choose from.


#4 VidIQ- To Research Video Tags

Along with targeting keywords, it’s equally important to choose the right tags for a YouTube video. The right tags on being used upon, help you rank for the right keywords and in the most-searched categories.

And, to do the task, you can use Vid IQ, which is a simple, free Chrome extension.


How to use it?

Install the VidIQ extension in your browser and next, create a free account. Then, use VidIQ to search for the keywords selected from your research and view the top-ranking videos for those keywords.

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