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Why businesses use PPC campaigns?

PPC is a remarkable paid marketing product offered by Google that helps generate leads.

Here are some stats that show the strength of PPC campaigns.
  • PPC audiences are showing 50% more interest in purchasing from your site than organic visitors.
  • Sponsored content gets 65% of clicks for keywords with high commercial intent.

Meanwhile, there are some alerts to the PPC campaigning procedure as well.

PPC campaigns can become victim to online frauds.

Click fraud is the example. An AdAge research revealed that every $3 spent on digital ads, click fraud took $1.

More to this, a report also forecasted that brands would lose $6.5 billion due to ad fraud in 2017.

If you’re losing your money due click fraud, adopt the following guidelines given by ClickCease

  • Set up your IP exclusions manually
  • Run remarketing campaigns.

And best of all, use click fraud detection and prevention tool to stop the ad fraud.

But, when your PPC ads are not generating leads, you need to follow these steps-

1) Get Your Keywords Changed

To make your PPC ad effective, you should follow these things-

Get to Know Your Match Types

There are two other match types apart from the broad match:

There are two match types that you should look upon-

Phrase match– This match type promotes an ad for people who utilized the exact phrase or similar looking variations of it.

Exact match– This match type promotes an ad for users employing the exact keyword.

Set them up correctly because people can’t click through to your site if they can’t find your ads.

Set the matches rightly because users can’t click through to your

Your keywords create a huge difference.


There would keywords driving clicks but no leads and vice versa.

Sure, as your goals are specific, volume and impressions may be lower, but you can get specific keywords for your PPC campaigns.

Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can also be helpful for your PPC campaign. You can use KPARSER, a negative keyword tool to find required negative keywords for your campaign.


2) Make Changes in Your Ad Copy

A perfect PPC copy plays an essential role in lead generation and conversion.

In ideal conditions, your PPC copy should comprise three components:

  • Features (USP).
  • Call to action (CTA).

Keep the first two components apart. A feature means whatever product or service you have, an advantage is what your customers can gain.

Avoid using CTAs like “buy now or shop now” as they’re bland and uninspiring.

CTAs are strong tools that help drive the customer to the desired destination on a page. So, wisely apply your CTAs that really encouraging people to perform the action.

Use Google Ad Variations to test your ad copy.


3) Look at Your Landing Page

A landing page is important when you’re targeting through PPC ads.

Visitors should click on your PPC campaign send by you to a relevant landing page.

Dedicated landing pages are great because they’re made only to convert the visitor.

If you use a poor landing page, your desired results would miss.

See this example-


Compare it to this.


When both of the ads compared, the second one has a clearer CTA for the visitor.

Get the design, headline and your landing page copy tweaked and see which variation converts better while the test you stick with.

The results may go desirable.

4) Stop the Campaign

Marketers stop their PPC campaigns for numerous reasons which include-

  • Poor ROI– Even you put your best efforts; your ROI may not be as good as expected. It would be truly clueless to spend maximum and get less in the return.
  • Lack of funds– Lack of funds also causes marketers to stop their PPC campaigns.
  • Seasonal Ads– Some ads go seasonal. You can’t display a Christmas or Halloween ad in June or July by the next year. You will have to stop the ad.

Although, keeping your goals and requirements in mind Facebook ads would be better for you over PPC.

Even though your ad is not generating leads and you’ve made all efforts to turn your luck, it would better to stop the campaign.


PPC ads offer great leads and conversions and this is why popular among businesses.

But, sometimes these ads to get failed to achieve desired goals like generating leads.

What to do in such situations?

Above-mentioned tips will help when your PPC ad is not performing.

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