Wondering how to repurpose your video content through many platforms?

Get the help of tools discussed in this article and repurpose them most conveniently.

Repurposing of video content enables you to serve quality content consistently.

1) A Video can give you a Kickstart

A video is an amazing form of content. The video content swiftly connects with your audience and creates your good impression among them.


You may have seen the better response for video content over other content forms and the best example is YouTube.

The video platform has “average session duration of 9 minutes and 28 seconds”.

Now, you can imagine the strength of a video content.

Along with this, you can easily repurpose it into content to distribute on your other channels.

For instance, a repurposed video can be promoted on YouTube and Instagram. This allows you to reuse your organic videos and make them valued ads later on.

Video repurposing can be done easily with the help of the smartphone.

You can also share your screen and make videos on a particular topic with slides and other media forms.

Repurposed video content is helpful in getting clients, establishing you as a brand and giving a value to your target audience.

Now go for repurposing the solid video that you want to promote.

2) Use REV- The Video Transcriber

Rev transcribes the audio into video. The transcription fee $1 per minute.


To work on Rev, follow these steps-
  • Sign up.
  • Click on Services.
  • Now, upload your video or put URL of the page where the video is posted.
  • Now, you’ll find two additional services that can be added to your order.
  • Timestamping syncs the audio with timestamps in the procedure. Verbatim includes filler words and nonverbal communication.
  • After selecting them, go for order placement.


3) Audacity will Extract Audio From Your Video

Now, you’ve to download Audacity, the tool that extracts the audio from video. The tool can be used on Mac and Windows.

How to start?

  • One video file is needed, if you already have a video on YouTube, download it in MP4 form.
  • In Creator Studio, go to your video in the Video Manager Section.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Choose Download MP4.


  • Once you’ve downloaded the video, go for extracting the audio.
  • Once the Audacity is installed, you also have to install FFmpeg library and optional LAME MP3.
  • To install these two additional features, go to Preferences; choose Libraries available on the left. Then click on Download buttons.

Then, follow the steps to install both libraries.


Once, you installed both the libraries, import your video to Audacity.

How to do it?
  • Select File
  • Open
  • Go to your video file.


  • Select File
  • Export
  • Export as MP3 to download the audio file to your desktop or laptop.


4) Promote Your Video Repurposed Content on Your Social Channel

Now, you’ve audio, video and written content in your hand; go for promoting on different social channels.

  • Start with YouTube
  • Get your video on YouTube and add the transcriptions as your video captions.
  • In Creator Studio, follow these steps-
  • Go to your video.
  • Select Subtitles/CC from the Edit drop-down list.


  • Now, click on Add New Subtitles or CC button.
  • Then choose your language
  • Now Click on Transcribe and Auto-Sync.


Now, your transcript will be added into the Video Transcript box. YouTube will then replace the automatically created subtitles with your transcript that influence your YouTube rankings.



Video repurposing is undoubtedly a great marketing strategy to provide high-quality content to audiences on a continuous basis.

To achieve the goal successfully, you need to understand the whole process.

Above-mentioned steps will help you in extracting audio from video and populating on your social channels.

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