Do you want to create Facebook in-stream video ads?

This article is going to tell you all about creating Facebook in-stream video ads that’ll get displayed on other’s video content through the Facebook news feed.

Know About Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

The placement of Facebook in-stream video ad enables you to display “-roll video ads to viewers who are watching video content from select brands like ESPN and CNN)”.

The length of the ads would be 5-15 seconds and viewers couldn’t skip this.

Your in-stream video ads are displayed to a target audience that has been seeing a video for at least 60 seconds.

This means the audience is watching the video interestingly and would pay more attention to your message.

Combining this feature with targeted audiences, the ad could prove to be very much effective for you.

To reach a targeted audience outside of Facebook, you can choose the Audience Network.

An example of in-stream video ad where you’ll find “Video will resume in x.” in the bottom left-hand corner-


Steps for setting an in-stream video:

1) Make a Short Video Ad (5- to 15-Second)

As an in-stream video appears in the mid of the video your audience watching, ensure that your video is short but qualitative enough to grab the audience’s attention quickly.

Tell a story through your video and also try to grab attention in the first 5 seconds and also add a call to action so that people can visit your site to know what happened next.

Other than this, you can make the first 5 seconds of your video ad humorous, shocking, surprising or notional.

When your video starts, come with the explanation and solution to a problem.

Use subheadings for your viewers if the video has no sound.


Here are a few technical specifications for ads using the Facebook in-stream video ad placement:

Take these Facebook in-stream video ad placement technical specifications into the consideration-

  • You can use three aspect ratio, 9:16 (vertical), 16:9 (landscape), and square (1:1).
  • Ensure your video is 4GB or smaller in size.
  • Ensure your video is of high quality.

2) Set an In-Stream Video Ad on Facebook

Once you’ve created your video, it’s time for setting up. Keep two goals in your mind for your video campaigns, one is Brand Awareness and another is Video Views.

Steps for setting up an in-stream video ad

Click on Ads Manager

FB 3

Choose Video Views (Campaign Goal)

Add a name to your campaign.

Now, click on Continue.


Set up your targeting in the similar way you do while creating an ad.

Then, go to Placements.

Choose Edit Placements.


By default, every ad placement will be highlighted, but if you want to display your ads only on Facebook, choose In-Stream Videos under Facebook.


Now, if you’re looking forward to seeing your ad outside of Facebook in the Audience Network, choose In-Stream Videos under Audience Network.


3) Decide Where You Want Your In-Stream Video Ad to Appear

If you find any content excludable for your video ad on Facebook, the Ads Manager offers you the option to exclude certain content categories.

Steps for doing this-

Go to the bottom of the Placement section.

Click on Exclude Categories.

Select your categories you don’t want to see in your ads.


Facebook allows you to block to appear in content from particular sites and apps.

To do this, make a block file in your spreadsheet.

Collect a list of sites and apps you want to block, and add them to column A of your spreadsheet.


When you’ve made your list, export the list as a .csv file.

Now, you can upload it to Facebook.

Go to the Placement, click on Apply Block Lists and then click on Create a Block List.


Go to the next page to click on Create Block List.

In this window, upload your block list as a .csv or .txt file.


4) Check Performance of Your Video Campaign to Refine Placement

To assess the campaign results, you can see a breakdown by placement to come to know whether your news feed or Audience Network Placement is getting a better response.


Mobiles may come with different variables, for instance, whether users are using WiFi or mobile network to watch videos.

If videos are being watched over Wi-Fi, the quality would not be the same. The loading time or other problems may appear.

If it looks an issue to you, go back to Ads Manager and show your ads to devices that are connected over Wi-Fi.



In-stream video ads are good marketing resources on Facebook. You can bring a good number of leads through this kind of campaign.

Above mentioned steps will help you how to set In-stream video ads on Facebook.

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