You may have seen people sharing different strategies for social media success.

Among those strategies, there remains some do’s and don’ts which you need to pick for ensuring great results on social media.

Here are some top picks of social media do’s and don’ts-

The dos:

1) Share a well-thought post

Social media are highly active and accessed by a billion people across the world. So, what you post on your account can influence, affect or encourage viewing your company.

Your one critical word/sentence can produce a lot of value to readers or can create turbulence on social media.

So, think before posting.


2) Take your voice a broad mass

Social media is a medium to establish a quick connection with the audience.

So, try to raise your voice over social media. Try to be unique, genuine and exclusive.

This way you can let your voice heard by your social media audience.


3) Have realistic expectations

If you’re excessively optimistic with social media, you need to land on practical grounds.

You need to understand that social media alone can’t grow sales.

Social media does create your branding, generate awareness, and increase business visibility. Although, there are many other areas that help in impacting customer acquisition and revenue growth.

It’s like the quality of products/services, customer service, and others.

4) Write what your readers are looking for

Readers look for a solution from your content and that’s why visit your site.

So, try to write for your readers so that they can easily understand what product/services you’re promoting for.

But, simplified content doesn’t mean you make it dumb, but try to avoid excessively complicated words and sentence structure.


The don’ts:

1) Don’t waste your time on haters and trollers

If you have followers on social media, then you might trollers and haters on the same platform and may be good in number as well.

A brilliant idea to remove such comments or reviews or if that not possible, avoid reaction to such nuisance.

Put your valuable time in building your brand on social media rather than engaging in an argument.


2) Don’t try to be ubiquitous

Choosing social media for business goals is a skill. You need to address the importance of a specific social media channel for the type of product/service you’re selling.

For example, if you’re an education brand, Pinterest like platform won’t be profitable for you.


3) Don’t post if you’ve not proofread

Create content without grammatical mistakes and misspellings. The audience would never pay attention to such worthless content.

So, before your post goes live, proofread what have you written and fix if there is any mistake.

Use Grammarly like a tool to proofread your doc.



Social media can play a pivotal role in escalating your business.

But, at the same time, you need to be focused and know what to do and what not to do.

This article comprises 4 do’s and 3 don’ts of social media.

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