When you start a business, the first thing that strikes your mind is how to take it in front of audiences.

You can choose any business model, but there are some questions which need to be answered-

For example:
  • How to know the longer-term customer value from different channels?
  • What did they do later?
  • How to ensure to stay in front of them in a convincing way?
  • How to coordinate in a better way for paid media efforts to be user-centric rather than session-centric?

Although there is no fixed answer to these questions, there are a few things you can do is get some insight.

The commonest platform used by businesses to promote is Facebook Ads and paid search, but the following tips can work on different platforms-

1) Use UTM for Tagging

It is seen that UTM tagging for Facebook ads is quite minimum.

Also, the Facebook account owners use Analytics to measure traffic.

But, why to stop there?

The other UTM parameters will help you better organize and bucket traffic.

This is to be used when you have to manually tag things on Facebook as it gives pain.

When you go deeper on tagging or use it as a marketing tool, you can get better results on Facebook and Google Ads.

But, this step should be well-thought and well-planned.

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2) Plan Your Customer Segments & Message Them

To understand this, see this example of concierge that specifically focus on Europe tours.

For the holiday season, the site offers gift-giving guide focusing on product types and price points.

Simplistic setups would dictate that you send the top of funnel traffic to the gift guide and then retarget.

Simple setups would let you send the top of funnel traffic to gift guide and then you can retarget.

Let’s understand this-

Send top of funnel traffic, UTM tagged as a gift guide interest cohort. In this example, the content UTM can be used and clickers can be tagged as utm_content=giftguide.

But, once they reach your site, they do more than that, isn’t it?

Why not break that audience into “Switzerland tour” versus “Germany tour” and things of the like?

There is a huge difference between users searching for “Switzerland tour” versus “Germany tour”.

Now, you have collected a huge number of Gift Guide users in your Analytics, and smaller segments based on what was viewed.

3) Take Your Funnel Audiences to Google Ads

You got campaigns for “Swiss tour” right?

Take your funnel audience in as a bidding layer or better to set a separate ad group for them in order to message them rightly.

Don’t you think this kind of ad would be much better than a common piece of the ad which every user looking for “Switzerland tour” sees?

4) Come with Remarketing Plans to Help the Audience

If the audience has moved to the gift guide, that would be great, because it will let you know what to show someone.

As you know the audience looked at certain information of the Swiss tour, so don’t trust just on dynamic product ads to sell the customer.

It could be possible that they hated the information in your guide?

Instead, get creative with how you continue to help them shop!

Use more effective ad types, such as Collection Ads on Facebook, to focus on several diverse types of tours that may be of interest, hitting a few price points.

PC 4

Use it as another opportunity to mention return policy, guarantees, and the deadline for ordering to ensure holiday delivery.

You can utilize it as another opportunity to state return policy along with the deadline to order to make sure holiday delivery.

You can further measure the effectiveness and ROAS of the campaigns.


In order to take your business to more and more customers, you look for paid multiple platform strategy.

But, covering all platforms with a single hand and in one time could be difficult.

Here is the solution, go through these 4 tips that help you improve your paid multi-channel strategy.

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