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Who are Brand Advocates?

“Your highly satisfied customers who support your product/service/brand and promote them to their friends and entire social network.”

Studies say that a brand advocate is 50% more influential than an average customer and so, an asset to connect, engage and build relationships with your future prospects, leads and clients.

They fit in perfectly into any marketing strategy and shape the reason for companies’ promotions and advertising efforts.

Looking at their significance and information offered by Google’s Consumer Barometer Tool, we’ll talk about 4 reasons why you should prefer Brand Advocates in your marketing:

#1 They are persuasive

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Brand advocates hold presence and high standing in social networks and the power helps them to have an incredible influence on brand’s success.

It has been found that almost 1 in 3 Internet users’ worldwide claims to be a Brand Advocate and the info makes it even clearer that how much significance and relevance they have.

“Each and every day, 50% of Brand Advocates comment or like posts and blog contributions and 40% share content or links with others. These numbers show how communicative they are and what makes them interesting, relevant partners for brands.”

#2 They influence purchase decisions

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 Brand Advocates play an imperative part amid the purchase process. These people when conversing with others about their chosen services/products/brands; are seen as trendsetters and their opinions carry weight.

“Almost 50% of them spent at least a few days researching their last purchase; nearly 3 in 4 spent at least a few hours. And they’re open to many brands: 70% consider at least 2 brands.”

So, they impact buyers’ purchasing decisions a lot.

#3 They are informers to potential purchases

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Brand Advocates keep on sharing experiences and insights about brands. This open and informative nature and readiness to share experiences, either positive or negative, help them to put on the attention of users.

A few stats to get on the facts:
  • 2 out of 3 Brand Advocates seek information online about products/services they use
  • In addition to search engines, brand websites are used by 31% of Brand Advocates as a product research tool
  • 14% of Brand Advocates turn to social networks or YouTube for product information

There is additional info available too, yet it’s very much clear that the brand advocates keep track of trends at a far higher rate than others and believe in sharing experiences and opinions around.

#4 They are post-purchase reviewers

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 Brand Advocates are known for their exceedingly communicative nature and it continues after purchase as well.

Take a look:
  • 19% of Brand Advocates share their experiences online in their networks.
  • 14% post a review online compared to just 8% among non-Brand Advocates.
  • They are important disseminators of information for individuals.

So, why do we need to care about Brand Advocates? Because people listen and believe & accept to them.

Internet gives them a voice and helps them to be seen and noticed.

They know how to use the internet to get and multiply information and thereby, brands can prefer to gain insights into this new channel for sharing their messages.

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