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AdWords has witnessed plenty of changes in recent years to ensure that you get best of the results from your campaign. Google AdWords is constantly upgrading and introducing new features so that you can run an effective campaign and take your business to the next level.

In this article, we will discuss 4 Major new AdWords Features that were introduced in 2016 and are live now. So, read on to know that how you can incorporate these and earn benefits.

1) Expanded Text Ads

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Expanded Text Ads were announced in Google Summit of 2016. This feature lets you write two headlines which can include up to 30 characters. Earlier, the headline has to be in one single line with a character limit up to 25.

The expanded text ads feature was rolled out on July 26, 2016. Bigger ads with more text have positive impact on the Click-through rates (CTRs).

  • These ads are optimized as per your mobile screens and have two headlines each having 30 characters and it can also include one-long 800 character description line.
  • You can create and edit these ads in bulk.

The feature is accessible to all the users, so it’s the right time to take advantage of it.

2) Responsive Ads for Display

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Responsive Display Ads are effective as you just need to provide a Google URL, description, headline and image. And then, Google automatically create responsive ads for you. The new feature not only save your time but it is also a much needed step in the advertising field.

According to the research, these ads bring 59% increase in the conversion rate.

These ads adjust to fit in the available ad space present across the Google Display Network (GDN) automatically. The feature lets you save both time and money. And, these ads bend accordingly to the device on which they are running on and synchronize with screen and content.

So, start incorporating this feature to get the most of it.

3) New Google Maps Local search Ads

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Almost a third of mobile searches are related to location as per Google. So, it was announced in the Google Summit 2016 that new local ads will be introduced across Google Maps and Search. The location related searches were growing 50% faster than the mobile searches and that’s the reason local search ads have been rolled out.

The potential benefit of these ads is that local advertisers are likely to get more business. For example, if you are driving on a Google Maps route and want to have lunch then you can look for ‘restaurants near me’ within the Google Maps. And, all those restaurants that have paid for the feature will appear on the list.

4) Separate Device Bids

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The feature provides the advertisers to pay customize search bid based on devices. With the ‘Device Bid Adjustment’ feature you can enter the bid adjustment value for different dev ices like desktop, mobile and tablet.

The advertisers now have more device bidding controls. This is the change which has been made to the ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ launched in 2013. Setting bid adjustments can be a bit confusing for devices but it definitely yields good results.

The feature is introduced to segregate desktop and tablet traffic and it not only lets you spit the traffic, but also lets you create bidding campaigns for specific devices. So, it opens up great opportunities for the advertisers who want to run a campaign on a particular device.

The above listed 4 points are the most important and beneficial ones among all the AdWords features rolled out in 2016. Advertisers have gain full access on these, so make the best out of your ad campaigns by using them as these features are already live.

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