Mobile app development can go a long way in transforming your business operations. This is done by delivering an effective and engaging way to get along with customers. There are lots of mobile apps that have been able to accomplish a lot of different things that were hardly imaginable.

However, you need to overcome certain challenges when you have an exceptional idea. This is due to the lack of skillset to transform things into reality. This very reason makes enterprises to opt for outsourcing their app development rather than assigning the tasks to their internal teams.

Although there are lots of benefits of hiring a development firm, it is not short of challenges. There are times when enterprises fall prey to certain mistakes that go a long way while selecting the right third-party partner. In the forthcoming sections of this blog, we have looked at the different mistakes enterprise makes while outsourcing Mobile app development.


After reading this piece of content, we promise you will be able to understand why most of the mobile apps fail in the market and the different things to make it right.

There are times when organizations while outsourcing mobile app development either move too quickly or are left behind, which results in dissatisfaction with the end product delivered. Always try to avoid these mistakes while outsourcing mobile app development project.

#1 Poor Research or None at All 

Once you decide to outsource your project, it is essential to carry out proper research that leads to delivering a successful end product. If the basis of your final decision is specifically after an initial call, you are probably making a hasty decision.

You must compare pricing, strategy, and team to search for a development company that understands your vision and can add to your technical expertise. This way, it will assist in developing a final app that achieves the business objective.

One way to adjudge your potential development partner is by carefully scrutinizing the portfolio of the company. Watch out for relevant case studies and verified reviews that are posted from credible sources. Check out the examples of the potential partner’s past work, the thoughts of the company’s past clients about the mobile app developed.

It is equally crucial for the development company you select to have an exclusive brand. A brand showcases the fact that the website is credible. You can also check their blogs and social media presence. Often the company’s blog will tell you the exact methodology followed by their app developers.

Although you indeed want your minimum viable product (MVP) as quickly as possible, it is worth spending some time on the research part. This way, you can zero in on potential partners and find out which organizations assist in building the MVP the correct way.


#2 Improper Planning 

Planning and product discovery process are critical parts of the app development process. It requires comprehensive research which should not be neglected. When it comes to selecting the right outsourcing partner, choose one who tries to understand your product vision before starting with the development process.

It is equally vital for your development partner to involve you in the planning stages of development. It should fulfill comprehensive transparency between your team and their own. Open communication is the key to a long-term business relationship. This way, it is possible to achieve your goals quickly.

Before opting for an outsourcing company, try to find out whether their communication styles match yours. Also, study their approach to planning and quality assurance and any specific methodologies they employ during the process.

#3 Failure to Find Agile Balance 

Most of the development firms today follow agile methodologies. Certain firms prioritize working software before feature documentation. However, keep in mind, the right documentation is always a matter of balance.

Although you do have to spend a lot of time on essential details, take care that you do not conduct comprehensive project briefs. The reason being, it leaves no room for unexpected changes. Your development partner needs to find a happy medium.

Irrespective of the position you are in, it is critical to monitor your product documentation. Review your documentation at every stage of development. Never assume that because one specific requirement seems to be logical to you, it will be acceptable by everyone.

In case of concerns, share each screen, feature or project element within the scope of the project. A right development partner will always find out the potential gaps in your project brief. Hire a partner who knows the importance of conducting daily stand-up meetings.

#4 Ignoring to Prototype 

According to Joseph Macharia, UI/UX Designer at Simpalm, “In the mobile app development field, it is significant to prototype. Prototyping should not happen at the end of the development. The worst part is if you find out your users are not able to navigate through the product after every code has been written.

Prototyping assists in finding out the strategic design direction of the product. It is nothing but a visualization of a working product. With its help, you can get the exact look and feel of the mobile app. This way, it is possible to test how customers employ it and react to the overall user experience (UX) design.


Once prototyping is done, you get usability testing results that can come in handy to make changes to critical design issues. This is done before the product reaches the development phase so that it is not too late to make effective changes to the UX.

Throughout the process, you are always on the lookout for the direction of your partner. With the early versions of the prototype, it is possible to make the remedial course, which can go a long way in ensuring that the final mobile app developed is according to your business requirements.

Always select a reputed mobile app development company that puts the effort in ensuring the success of your mobile app development by avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this blog.

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