There should be something unique and encouraging to make people choose your brand.

You talk about any marketing strategy; it’s a subject of change. You can’t adopt one strategy for doing business lifelong.

Similar is with social media, it’s a cupid that can bring business to you quickly but, you’ve to look after its necessities as well.

Keep checking the new trends prevailing in social media and also the older ones which are effective.

Of course, paid social media can give you hopes to increase sales volume, but you can’t do it without continuous examining, learning and refining your approach.

Social media offers you the opportunity to increase brand awareness i.e. taking your brand among more and more audiences.

You can make it more authentic by focusing on meaningful content and thus, presenting a strong personality of the brand.

If you’re digging for sales, then nothing can be better than social media. You can get a higher quality of sales, and if you’ve more efficacious social media targeting, you can reach your core audience more quickly.

Social media also does many roles for your business, like, improve ROI, create a loyal fanbase, and also drive in-person sales.

But social media can be a hassle if you do not understand its requirements properly.

So, know social media as deeply as you can and take your brand to the next level.

Following are the major areas needed to be checked when you’re intended to do social media advertisement-

1) Video Advertisement

We have been seeing Facebook, Instagram videos for a long time now.

But, every time considering videos for advertisement or sales is worthy?

Of course, it’s worthy because it is outperforming every other content type on social media channels.

But, there is a huge scope of modification and bring creativity to video advertisement in coming time.

You can use Instagram videos in different ways to promote or advertise your business.


2) Emojis Use

When you’re on social media, you can’t ignore the importance of emojis. If you are an experienced digital marketer, you may have found that ads with emojis perform much better than those without.

Use of emojis has risen in recent times as a user won’t have to write too much for explaining an action.

Ads having conversion as the main objective, it was found that there was huge different on ROAS for those ads comprising emojis, Facebook showed a 9 to 1 vs. 7 to 1 ratio and Instagram came in at 8 to 1 vs. 6 to 1.

You can also the effectiveness of emojis in the following image-


3) Sentiment

Many times, the sentiment or emotion is not considered in a marketing strategy.

The reason, the ad should appealing, creating enthusiasm among the audiences and thus attracting the customers more quickly.

But, according to a study, this is a neutral sentiment that is hitting the competition in paid social ads, regardless of the objective of the ad.

At every level of the sales funnel, it is seen that consumers are attracted more to those messages which impart information that allows them the freedom to make their own positive or negative sentiment.

If you go with a more neutral tone, you can boost the engagement.

4) The Right CTA Button

How are you encouraging your audience to reach a certain place is really a tactic?

To understand this phenomenon, you need to apply the right CTA button.

CTA button not only allows a user to move from one activity to another but also shows an easy method to do that.

But, there is a significant difference between using the CTA “Shop Now” and “Learn More” to have a major effect on ROAS.

A study shows that “On Facebook, “Shop Now” came in at 15 to1 vs. 6 to 1 for “Learn More” and on Instagram, those same numbers were 11.4 to 1 to 5.6 to 1.”

So, think before the kind of CTA you are using and optimize each of them for getting a top-notch performance of your paid social ad.

You can see the popularity of button as well as CTR of these buttons in the following image-



There are several areas to focus on when going for paid social media advertisement. You may not pick every area at the same time, but there are some which should be picked mandatorily.

If you’ll pay attention to above-mentioned points, you are surely going to boost your ad engagement.

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