Love for Pinterest is massive among social marketers as it drives immense traffic to the blog or business.

But, the latest Pinterest changes may influence your marketing plans, but don’t worry as you are going to find details about those updates and solutions to leverage them.

1. Business Profiles Get Dynamic Cover Images

The first update to Pinterest is a new business profile. The new implementation allows you to have more control over how you want to appear it on Pinterest.

It will help you make your first impression stronger.

With the help of new update, the dynamic cover image of titled pins can be customized from the board selected by you or simply by using the latest pins.


Edit Cover Image

Click on pencil icon (present in the top-right corner of your profile header)

In the pop-up window, choose to show “Latest Pins or Recent Activities, or pick a board


The new business profile includes-
  • Your chosen top-five boards (featured boards)
  • Newest boards,
  • Latest 15 pins
  • Recent activities (pins you or other users have saved from your domain)


Another change has been made in the “monthly viewers” which are shown at the top profile in place of the follower count you’ve been seeing.

This stat lets you know the number of people who saw your pins in the last 30 days.


This is how Pinterest is showing you how your reach goes beyond your followers so that you can go on creating more great content rather than increasing their numbers.

Don’t worry; you’ll still see your follower count on your profile with new add-ons Like Activity and Tries.


2. Pinterest Officially Sets Different Dimensions for Different Pins

Pinterest brings new ideal pin dimension i.e. for vertical pins (2:3 aspect ratio or 600px wide x 900px high), for square pins (600px wide x 600px high).

Pinterest does not show interest in giraffe pins as their height is more than 1260px and as such get cut off in the feed and won’t get as much overall distribution.

Replace your giraffe pins with vertical and square pins.

3. New Following Tab Includes Your Latest Pins

Pinterest has brought a few news for its users to improve discoverability of your account and content in order to grow their following and reach.

New Following tab allows you to-

  • See curated content
  • Saved in chronological order, from the people you follow
  • If you want to access this feature on mobile, click on the Following tab shown at bottom of the screen.

For desktop, click on the Following tab given at the top of the page or go to www.pinterest.com/following.


Your profile can also be found in the smart feed within search results or by utilizing hashtags.

Hashtags are better to use only when added to new pins as hashtag searches are done chronologically.

Pinterest says pins with hashtags are more distributed on the first day than pins without hashtags.


4. Pinterest Prioritizes Your First Five Pins of the Day

Pinterest has brought a new principle called the “First 5 Pins of the Day,” for its users which offer insight on how users can properly publish their content.

As per the rule, Pinterest will give preference to “distribution of first five pins you save every day, after midnight UTC”.

Therefore, you need to ensure that all those pins should be high-performing or high-converting pins and they should be saved to most relevant boards.

An expert from Pinterest also recommends that “save you first five pins of the day when your follower is most active”.

If not done, as per Following tab chronological aspect, those pins will move down to the bottom.

Suppose, if midnight UTC is 5 AM in your zone, but you don’t see your followers aren’t active on the platform before 8-9 AM on weekdays and 10-11 AM on weekends, then save those for that period.

The reason is Pinterest displays your pins to followers first and then distribute them further as per the interest was shown by your followers.


Pinterest is one of remarkable social media platforms and offers services in a unique way.

Pinterest brings several changes in the system to enhance the utility of business profiles.

Here are the updates that will let you how you can better your cover image as well as increase followers.

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