According to the marketers’ perspective, emails are supposed to be the best marketing tool and the sales pitch. However it cannot be denied that digital marketing has its own pros and cons although it has grown immensely. You marketing pitches that you forward in the form of an email can be trapped by junk mail ditches leading you to become a spammer and getting your account suspended.

You have composed an awesome email to be sent but that turns out to as junk mail and goes unopened and unread. Being a junk mail nobody bothers to read that. In such scenario, you need a resolution to save your emails from junk mail trap. Let me share with you about some real effective ways in order to avoid your emails getting fallen into junk mail ditch.


Take the Permission

Email Marketing 11 One very important factor to prevent your emails from falling into junk mail ditch is sending Op-in emails with easy ‘unsubscribe’ option supported with quality content. Hence you must take the permission before sending the mails and keep it easy to unsubscribe. However to support this keep your content fresh, high quality and informative.


Build Rapport

Email Marketing 12 Every marketer wants their emails to be opened and read by the customers and that they should not trash it. Your emails must contain valuable information for the viewers for them to treat it important and not a spam. We just now discussed a few things in the direction to save your emails from junk mail trap. In addition to those another important thing that you need to consider is rapport building with the consumers. Go ahead and make it more conversational, more interactive by building up a two way communication method that benefits both the parties you and your customer. Besides, this is how you can gain customers confidence and the customers are more likely to open your emails, read it and respond.


Achieve Customers’ Confidence

Email Marketing 13 Go ahead and make your customers feel important and amplify their conversion chances by achieving their confidence in you. Working together with your customer by hale and hearty conversation, exchanging ideas and understating their necessities is always a good idea. One very important thing here is that to prevent junk mail trap send your emails using your name. Besides, automated emails do not the work the way a real person can do, so you need to have a real person conversing and responding to your customer base. Moreover, you need to develop a friendly approach while replying to your customer responses manually. Give it a personalized approach by making your customers feel important and by asking about them.
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Listen to the consumers

Email Marketing 14 Let the consumers vent out and share their feeling and views about the product offered by making it like an open forum for discussion and asking their views. See what their reviews have to tell you about your product take their feedback and ask relevant questions. Try making it like a platform for everybody to discuss their opinion about the product that you have offered. Listen to them and what they have to tell you about your product. Their feedbacks are valuable for you. Most significantly, a person instead of the computer talking to them makes them feel more important and they take time out of their busy schedule and reply to the emails. Building a healthy relationship with the customers happens only with time and for this you need to maintain a good and steady conversation with them. This how you can enhance your company’s good will as well and gain some real good results in the long run. Hence, deal customer with patient and a friendly way to get rid of junk mail trap.



Well! These were four ways you can safeguard your emails from junk mail trap. Do follow and practice them to prevent your emails falling into junk mail ditches. You are putting in so much effort to create the emails but even after so much effort your marketing pitches are getting trapped by junk mail ditches. Let’s be little bit systematic and take precautions before you send the mails as that is better than the adverse after-effect of not following the sensible ways of sending the emails.


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