High-performing Facebook marketing is not at all free.

Rather organic reach on Facebook has declined in the last few years. Therefore, eyeing to reach a good number of organic audiences has gone tougher.

But, it doesn’t mean you can’t win Facebook, but to achieve success needs some basic rules to follow.

In this article, you’ll find four basic rules to conquer the marketing strategy of the platform-

1) For Promotion, Include These Two Pieces of Information

For running a promotion on Facebook, you need to share two vital information pieces to make your audience know about your ads-

  • It should be a note that should include information for any participants that their entry in your advertising is not associated with any of Facebook’s responsibility or liability.
  • It should be a note that clarifies Facebook is not at all concerned with your promotion.

FB 1

The intent of these pieces of information is to notify your entrants that your promotion has nothing to do with Facebook.

See this Book Depository’s giveaway example where their terms and conditions are in a link mentioned at the end of the post-

FB 2

2) Don’t Utilize Personal Timelines or Friend Connections for Promotions

The next suggestion for posting promotions on Facebook, avoid using personal timelines to do it and don’t ask entrants to use friend connections to enter.

So what does this mean? So, the explanation is here-

It would be better to tag a friend to allow him to enter the promotion or gain extra entries.

Try to share the promotion for extra entries, either on a personal timeline or to a friend’s.

3) Take Consent of Your Audience before Taking Their Data through Facebook App

Here is the next set of rule-

It doesn’t matter how you made your Facebook audience base, you should ensure those users understand-
  • How you’re going to utilize their information
  • That you require their permission to gather and utilize their data
  • Facebook has nothing to do with your collection.

This sort of transparency is not only a vital Facebook rule but a great way of doing business.

4) Don’t Make While Creating Page Names

You should be careful while creating page names. It would be good to take the following tips into consideration-

  • Don’t utilize grammar or punctuation that is extremely incorrect.

Take this example of ipsy’s page name which has a lowercase “i” and also has a grammatical mistake. So, you won’t like to keep your page name this way.

FB 3

  • Don’t use vulgarity.
  • Don’t utilize generic terms or locations


Facebook marketing is not an alien technique, rather can be won, if you follow some simple rules.

In this article, you’ll find 4 simple yet effective Facebook marketing rules.

Hope you find the information useful to you!!

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