Do you want more engagement for your business Instagram page?

Wondering which are the best possible tactics to do that?

In this article, you’ll find 4 tactics that will help you achieve your goals for better Instagram engagement.

1) Encourage Followers by Offering Quick Replies

Social media marketing becomes more fruitful when you continue actively attached to your audience.

When you share a post on your Instagram page, you receive a variety of comments, some of them remain queries and some of them compliments.

Reply to all queries in the comments, highlight them in your Insta stories, and refer to them in other posts.

See this example-

Instagram 1

Apart from reacting to your followers, invite them to participate and then react.

Post content that is trending on Instagram and is significant to the interest and use of your followers. Give them genuine and logical feedback.

Instagram has diverse applications to make your work easy. You can use question stickers, poll stickers, and emoji sliders.

The best to drive the attention of followers is to run a poll and for your audience’s opinions.

Ask them what kind of content they would like to see and avail their solutions.

See this example-

Instagram 2

2) Use Instagram Giveaways for Offering Prizes

Every marketer has to read the psychological side of things. Showing affection to your follower and treating them with all politeness work a lot in marketing.

This will help you make a positive image in front of your audience.

Use Instagram giveaway to do this. You can emphasize your offer as well as show followers what values they keep for you.

See this example-

Instagram 3

Giveaways are undoubtedly a leading marketing tool, but you need to carry it out smartly. You’ll have to promote deal in your posts, ads, and stories.

Add a CTA that would clearly indicate which action to take.

Focus on the significance of visuals and add filters and layers on special effects. Sharing a prize image would be a great advantage.

See this example-

Instagram 4

Make your prize relevant, timely and valuable for your users. Associate with brands or influencers and offer a variety of prizes to attract their audiences as well.

3) Use Every Link to the Fullest

Live links cause problems to Instagram marketers as they are scarce in number. The platform doesn’t allow sharing of clickable links, except in your Instagram bio or using specific Instagram tools. Using tools or Bio help you avoid spam.

So if you want to make a positive impression, the trick is to work with Instagram’s limitations, rather than against them.

So, it’s always viable to make your link opportunity counting. Use of links relies on specifications of the industry and marketing strategy.

Links can be connected to a landing page or add to a newly written content piece.

See the example-

Instagram 5

If you have a recognized profile with numbers of followers or your aim is to create ads, your options will increase. You can go for adding a swipe-up link to your stories.

4) Use Emotional Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a popular segment of this platform and today more than 400 million users watch stories daily.

You can create your own story and get your followers engaged. Tell a story that is interesting as well as useful to the audiences. You can ideate from the previously shared stories and create a 6-second magnificent tale.

Use Instagram Stories to tell your vision and mission and give an emotional concept to the video.

Emotional marketing easily connects you to your audiences and vice-versa. Your audience will feel that your offer is a true solution for their issues.
Instagram 6


Instagram is an amazing platform for business marketing. Catching social media audience on a large scale becomes easy with this platform.

But to get more elicit results, you should know some valuable tactics.

Here are 4 tricks which will help you get more engagement on Instagram.

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