Facebook is a social media outlet that is where we socialize however it does mean you let yourself go especially being a brand. Social media plays a vital role when it comes to your online reputation. So you must pick up your steps with caution. Therefore, being a brand you are not allowed to commit mistakes on social media sites. It can ruin your brand image in seconds.

Why not go ahead and discuss about what all mistakes you might commit on Facebook so that you should not practice them now onwards.



Getting into a fall out

Facebook 1 See you cannot expect the positive responses all the time from your fans. It is a big world with so many people. There could be a time when somebody might have a bad experience with your product and services and they might give you dirty and even offensive comments. In such case, be smart and subtle and don’t get into any kind of argument with the customer. But yes the best thing you can do here is to take this case offline and deal it keeping your cool at the right levels. Facebook has given a big leverage to everybody to vent out about what they want. So don’t forget this and make your irate customer more irate by getting into a fall out.


Overlooking the Fans query

Facebook 21 This one is something you might not have done intentionally but have missed by mistakes. But mistakes are not allowed on social media. Never ever overlook a fans message whatever is that a simple comment or a query that they need to get answered. You are not asked to write a Bible while acknowledging the fans but then yes a few subtle words will do the trick. The most common feeling that the fans have is that Facebook has given them a right to connect to the brands they like and give advice as per their requirements and that somebody is there to listen them and take care of their concerns. So please try not overlooking any message or comments by your fans.


Overlooking Facebook Rules

Facebook 3 It could happen that Facebook might not have observed something that you might have been doing against the rules that are being made for the marketers and businesses. It however does not mean that if you have overlooked their rules you are going to be overlooked by them as they couldn’t identify your mistake. It is just that when are they going to review things and whenever the review happens you be rest assured your page is going to be removed and you will not have to go through the hassles of following the rules on Facebook, everything all your data will go off in seconds.
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Facebook 4 Well! It’s not something that needs to be explained again that spamming is not at all allowed anywhere and so is the case with Facebook too. There are so many brands that do update their facebook page once a day and doing better than those who make multiple updates a day. So it is quality that matters and not the quantity. Try to create a good content no matter if it talks about your brand, product or service, create it in a way that it should catch people’s interest.



So these were a few Facebook blunders that you should not have done and invited troubles for you. A lot of brands might go off beam in order to have organic fans but that is not going to help in the long run. That’s why we have come up with a few blunders that marketers and businesses commit very frequently and get a hit to their Facebook page and social presence. Hopefully, you will not be practicing any one of these if have been practicing it before. Simply try being unique and original as that’s the key mantra.


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