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Being the second most populated country in the world, India has a large number of internet users on a daily basis. Coincidently, India ranks second when it comes to the country having the largest number of internet users. The official number of active internet users in India stands at 699 million users.

So there is a huge market to explore when it comes to India, and the competition between websites is stiffening day by day. In a varied and vast demographic like that of India, knowing your competition is a key if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

But how do you define your competitors in the Indian market as conducting research on such a massive scale is both time and cost intensive. In this article, we are going to introduce a couple of software that will help you define your competitors in the Indian market without breaking the bank.

1) SE Ranking-The All Rounder


Let’s start off the list with the most multipurpose of the bunch – SE Ranking. This all-in-one SEO suite is a cloud-based service that monitors several different KPIs in order to evaluate competitors of a particular website. The system within SE Ranking is pretty clever as it first analyzes your website and creates an outline on what your business is all about.

Since the software has an idea on your business, it goes on to find your competitors who are in the same niche. Do not mistake SE Ranking to take its sweet time in figuring it all out because cloud platform that SE Ranking uses enable it to conduct the searches within mere seconds.

SE Ranking software is engineered from the ground up for the following:
  • SEO Professionals
  • Website Owners
  • Digital Agencies

A search related to your domain or main keywords in the SE Ranking Competitor SEO/PPC Research tool will give you the list of competitors in your niche.

Anyone who has a rough knowledge of how the search engines work will understand the importance of keywords. It is an essential part of the ranking strategy that search engines use to determine the rank list. So having access to high-value keywords is critical in optimizing the web content so that it ranks well among its competition.

However, finding such keywords are one among the challenges that marketers face while optimizing a website. With SE Ranking, finding prime keywords and other important competition metrics like backlinks, broken links, website errors, etc. within just one click!

The SE Ranking Competitor SEO/PPC Research tool is a simple yet effective SEO tool that can give you overall information about your competitors and if required, go in-depth to bring you detailed analysis reports that you can use to craft the best marketing strategy.

If you need the best tool for all your online ranking and marketing strategies, you cannot go wrong with SE Ranking.

2) SimilarWeb-For the Marketers


The next up on our list is SimilarWeb, SEO tool specially made for online marketing purposes. So if you are into marketing, then SimilarWeb will help you build the best plan based on certain key points. Like SE Ranking, SimilarWeb studies your website first before giving you insights into your competition.

With SimilarWeb, you need to register with the website before using their analytics tool, unlike SE Ranking which doesn’t ask the user to sign up first. Where the SimilarWeb truly shines is in their analytics department where businesses can get quite detailed information on market trends.

SimilarWeb provides different types of tools for different requirements. Four major solutions that software provides to its customers are:

  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Investors

This does come at a price though as more advanced toolsets require payment based on the stuff you need. The essential plan starts at $499 per month, and it might be a little bit on the hefty side for many of the up and coming businesses.

With a robust client portfolio, SimilarWeb sure has a pedigree among the big brands. It is no surprise that SimilarWeb takes data seriously. By paying for SimilarWeb, you will have access to web data as well as mobile app data. For marketing requirement, data on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites can offer significant returns for the investment.

The ultimate choice comes down to you, on whether you are comfortable paying the premium for premium data sets.

3)Majestic SEO-For detailed Website analysis


Majestic SEO pioneers in fetching link data. With Majestic SEO, you can have detailed information on backlink and reference domains. With premium plans, Majestic SEO brings even more features to the table like keyword checker, rank tracker, custom reports, etc.

Backlink count to a webpage is regarded as a metric that accounts for the quality of the webpage. Reference domains are websites that link to your websites, sending you traffic in the process. Noting down reference domain and developing a good business relationship with them will help you garner more traffic in the future, helping your website to rank past its competitors.

Even though the majority of features within Majestic SEO are aimed at analyzing your own webpage, this guide is all about the competitive analysis tools offered by them. With Majestic SEO, you can view the metrics of your competitor websites just like you can do yours. Hence, you will have knowledge of their network and device strategies to surpass them, however, you need to pay for a premium plan accessing your competitor data.

When you need an in-depth knowledge of your website Majestic SEO sure performs remarkably.

4) SEMRush- For SEO-specialists


SEMrush is a pretty famous instrument that enables SEO specialists to explore a contender’s keywords in the organic and paid results. Utilizing the free interface, you can enter your site address or your rival’s site and get a traffic overview, keywords the domain is positioning on and significantly more. The feature is not exclusive, but extremely useful for competitor research.

SEMRush can be suitable both for SEO-specialists and whole teams. Specialists love that you can without much of a stretch survey your rankings and their changes just as new positioning chances. A standout amongst the most prominent highlights of the software is the Domain Vs Domain examination enabling you to effortlessly contrast your site with your rivals. In case you’re searching for examination reports that assistance you better comprehend your site’s inquiry information, traffic, or even your rivals, you’ll have the capacity to look at watchwords and areas. The On-Page SEO Checker device enables you to effortlessly screen your rankings just as discover a few proposals on the best way to improve your site’s execution.


The competition between websites can get fierce and the winner comes down to the one who truly studied the battlefield. If you are looking for the all-in-one tool that doesn’t cost a fortune, then SE Ranking is certainly our top pick. If your interests lean towards marketing or website analysis specifically, and there are no monetary constraints, then can pick SimilarWeb or Majestic SEO respectively without thinking twice.

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