Wondering how to improve your PPC ad copy?

Here are the 4 advertising principles to help you improve the quality of your PPC ad copy.

1) More Explanatory, More Influential

What to consider at this point is to bring useful information to your customer to make your advertisement successful.

When you offer understandable information along with simple steps to reach a purchase point, the customer becomes yours in no time.

Now, let’s understand this by an example.

Consider “home relocation” in the example and now an average middle-income middle-age consumer would look for affordable options.

Now, the person will try to find the best and suitable options. The person may go through the internet, talk to friends or find someone related to the industry.

Now, the point is the marketer has to resonate with the searching options that a person is looking for.

To help the marketers in finding the right way to resonate, Answer the Public tool is ready.

Answer the Public uses the same principles employed by Google and Bing’s autocomplete search suggestions.

What is considerable here is identifying the pattern of advertisements shown in the result.

Create an ad copy that focuses on resolving the queries of your customers.


2) Demand vs. Supply

What does it mean when we see demand vs. supply?

It’s a marketing condition that states “when the less available something is, the more likely people will want it.

Now, understand it in a deeper way-

Either, it would be in limited quantity or for limited time. Although, the classic principle is extremely effective, but it needs to be adopted carefully.

The scarcity caused because of increased demand and less supply, works when the condition is actually fulfilled.

If your strategy is to have a 30 percent off sale “once in a month,” don’t be surprised when ad copy stating “hurry, ends soon!” quickly becomes ineffective.

If your strategy is to obtain short business goals like 10 or 20%, an advertisement like “your offer ends this month” works quickly.

For a plan like an annual sale, Grand opening doesn’t work. It would be better to use in your ad copy.

3) Identify the Strategies Your Competitors Adopt

The success mantra of a business also lies in identifying the footsteps of your competitor.

If you really want to be successful with your business plans, identify the way your competitors are perceived in the mind of the customer both of you are focusing.

Take this as an example

Suppose, your competitor offers low-price product or service, it would hardly be a chance for you to win.

If you’re competing with a big brand, your prices even though are lower than your competitor; these would be too much for your customers.

So, being a marketer, you need to be opened up in a competitive market to rightly position your product or service in ad copy.

Here is an example-

You’re local and involved in the community and your competitors are not. You’re more expensive, but independent quality ratings and reviews show you’re better.

4) Think Your Customer’s Way

This point is more concentrated on identifying yourself as a prospect.

Let’s elaborate this point.

When you’re making a PPC ad copy, prepare content that resonates with the solutions made for the problems of your customers.

Your customers would empathetic and this is why you’ve to think that way.

You need to understand from your customer’s point of view.

Get into your buyer’s behavior. You will understand what exactly they want.

Ultimately you would choose your merchant which understands your needs and get the solutions in the quickest possible time.

Empathy is something thought to be overused in the marketing world, but actually, it’s underutilized.

Use it smartly as it would definitely offer results.

To do this you can use analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and YouTube Analytics.



Making a PPC ad copy is a matter of skill, art, and experience.

But, even though you don’t have such things there is no worry.

Here are the values that will help you get a right PPC ad copy for your audience.

Use them in your marketing plans and get benefited in the real-time.

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