We have talked a lot about the importance of mobile marketing up till now. Let’s go through some facts and figures related with mobile usage and marketing that will help you align your marketing with your market’s information, consumption, habits and needs, in 2014 and reap a better ROI.

Smartphones and Tablets

• Mobile usage to connect with the Internet grew to 65% in 2013 from 55% in 2011
• Tablet usage to connect with the Internet grew even faster to 29% in 2013 from 12% in 2011
• 85% of global Internet users have multi-screened while watching television.
• 54% of global Internet users view their mobiles while watching TV.
• 24% of global Internet users are tablet second-screeners.


Optimize your marketing for multi-screen as mobile device usage is growing fast.

Where people spend their time

• 89.4% of the mobile media audience spend their time on Google
• 86.6% of the mobile media audience spend their time on Facebook
• 86.2% of the mobile media audience spend their time on Yahoo sites


Advertise your business according to how people spend their time on mobile internet.

Mobile search

• 50% of smartphone owners surveyed believe search result listings influence their purchase decisions.
• 31% of smartphone owners surveyed believe that mobile results with local availability influence their purchase decisions.


Include mobile search in your marketing plans.

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Mobile email

• 51% of worldwide email opens occur on a mobile device
• Almost 75% of smartphone users both check work and personal email on their phone and about half of the users surveyed check email via a tablet.
• Mobile email delivers $7.14 in mobile email revenues per click versus $3.26 in desktop email revenues per click


Optimize your email marketing for multi screen consumption.

Mobile advertising

• Mobile advertising is cheap relative to other media formats, especially print (newspapers and magazines
• Global mobile advertising spend increased 105.0% to a total of $17.96 billion in 2013
• 2014 mobile advertising is expected to grow another 75.1% to $31.45 billion, almost a quarter of total digital advertising spend worldwide.
• Google and Facebook experienced net mobile ad revenues increase by $6.92 billion, which was 75.2% of the incremental $9.2 billion of mobile ad spend in 2013.


Include mobile in your marketing strategy and generate more revenue.

Mobile purchase process

• 74% of global Internet users search for products or services to buy online
• 34% of global Internet users do their searching via a mobile device, up from 30% in 2012
• The mobile audience grew from roughly 480 million people to almost 615 million people in one year.
• 27% of global Internet users purchase via their mobile and 12% of global Internet users purchasing via a tablet.
• 27% of global Internet users are using multiple devices for commerce


Your content must provide a seamless multi-channel experience. Besides, make it easy for mobile users to purchase once they’ve made their minds up.

These were a few facts and figures that will help you leverage mobile as a channel for marketing in a better way. If there a few more facts like these that you think can impact marketing, do share with us in comments. We would love to hear from you.

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