Internet brought numbers of useful marketing resources, but at the same time, it also brought fake advertisement, forged news and many things which shook the trust factor of users over the technology.

Social media, one of the powerful marketing resources were affected mostly by such counterfeit incidences. Therefore, a new concept to authorize news, incidences, and advertisements was generated and the name given was social proof.

This social proof boosts the credibility of brands and businesses on social media.

But, how to use social proof in your offering could be a big question?

In this article, you’ll find three ways you can incorporate into your social media marketing.

Looking for ways to boost your credibility using social media? Wondering how to capitalize on positive company mentions?

1. Advertise Top Industry Associations

If you’re getting positive feedback from business giants like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can enable your users to trust your brand right away.

Mention your collaborations, awards, and even clients in your social media posts. When applicable, add an image or a video that displays pertinent logos or awards.


Another comprehensive way to boost credibility is to use media mentions. These mentions from popular publishers can increase the trust that your potential customers portray for your brand.

This absolutely ‘proves’ to search engines as well as your audience that your brand has already gained high-quality links and approval of a popular publication.

2. Highlight Customer Feedbacks and Testimonials

If you have ratings, reviews, and testimonials from existing and previous customers/users/audiences that will help to influence the mindset of potential customers and that would be prior to the engagement with your brand.

If you incorporate these things in your social media ads, this will work as social proof.


You can modify the details to a little extent like large numbers of people have taken the benefit from your product or service and it automatically relieves potential customers of ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO).

Motivate audiences to share a branded hashtag on your brand’s social accounts and sites.

You would see a number of companies stay away from customer reviews as because fearing of accidentally highlighting any negative feedback. But, it is important to note that a few negative reviews if balanced with positive ones can bring authenticity.


The reviews of customers work good especially for techie products or industries which are highly crowded and competitive.

To enhance a number of reviews, you can ask customers in person for a testimonial or add prompts in surveys, proffer incentives, or show consumers who have to give reviews.


Strong reviews which help prospects see their improved life post-purchase are best placed near a CTA, and groups of testimonials are efficacious when placed on long-form sales pages.


3. Show Brand Ambassadors and Industry Influencer Relationships

Join hands with industry experts as their recommendations for your product and services can turn the table up. Celebrities render a certain aspiring value to a brand. These recommendations help brand showcase their expertise with more confidence.

Suppose you’ve got a well-known personality in your connection, then it would become easy for him to take over your social profiles, specifically during curated social media events.

This collaboration is effective in two ways as it gives win-win situation for both, you and the expert.

This strategy works perfectly if the influencer’s audience is the one you want to target. You can go for flaunting your ambassador credentials on your social media bios and add a branded hashtag in your posts, which further add to the credibility of your brand.



Social proof helps you gain the trust of your potential customers. You just need to include these proofs in your posts.

But, how?

In this article, you’ll find three different ways to use social proof in your posts.

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