Starting a business is a dream come true for you and a moment of celebration but then it comes with a lot of efforts that you need to put in to grow and flourish your business. What does the growth for a business basically means? It is certainly the customer acquisition. But the idea is how you would be growing your customer base when the traditional ways of doing it is far more expensive, which is why it happens to be a big challenge for a start up business. However, the good news says that you have a wonderful alternative and that is social media. You can reach your potential customer without depending on the traditional outlets through social media outlets.

Here we have three tips to help you grow your customer base.


Help your audience

Digital Marketing 41 Being helpful is a wonderful way to gain the trust of your audience. There are so many questions and concerns that your audiences have, which gives you a great opportunity to take the initiative and help them solve their respective issues. Social media sites are a great place to get this accomplished. You are already active on these sites the only thing you need to do is to leverage them to the fullest by offering help to your audiences there. Many companies have done this and are successful in not only bringing traffic to their websites but also in building community. People who received helped by them continued to engage with them by reading their blogs or retweeting them long after they were offered help by these companies.

Guest Blogging

Digital Marketing 42 Try to write high quality and immaculate content on topics that are burning and guest post them on some well-trafficked blogs. Studies in past have revealed that guest blogging is better than any press outreach in order to increase your customer base. Figure out what people are talking about or what is their concern that can be resolved by you & your offerings and write about that. This is how you can successfully interlink content and the product, which is believed to be very effective. More the number of useful blogs you will post more will be the number of users served by you.
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Exceptional customer Service


Digital Marketing 43 Customer service is the word. Your customer service can make or break your company’s reputation and the trust that you customers have in you. It is a big world and even your business. Not everything will go on track all the time. Something might get derailed sometime. In such scenario instead of panicking and reacting in haste you should act smart and wise and have the courage to deal the concern in the most subtle way. Turn the mishappening into the opportunity to generate awareness about your product among the masses. Let the people know how much you care for your each customer. These kinds of incidents become more valuable than those typically expected situation as the customer interaction with you unveiled your true colors in front of your customer.

It might or might not happen that somebody who bought something on facebook will share it with their peers but then they will for sure share if something went wrong and you went out of way to get that corrected. Besides, try being proactive when it comes to your customer service. Try spending some extra time if doing that will nurture your relationship with customers. A situation well handled and well resolved makes the customer feel special and builds up brand affinity which in turn leads to word of mouth buzz as people love to talk about the brands they kind of start trusting in. Actually, word of mouth is found to be a chief player in creating new customer base. Besides, figure out where your customers are on the social media outlet and engage with them, communicate with them.

Growing your customer base is not a big deal if you know the ways however it is somewhat tricky. It is not a matter of very past, it’s just about a decade ago when digital marketing was not in use in many countries of the world and many businesses were facing a great challenge in growing their customer base and increasing awareness about their product and services among the people. Traditional medium of reaching out to the customers were very expensive and was not feasible to be afforded by all the business. However, the advent of digital marketing has given a great leverage to the businesses especially those who have just started. So take the help of these tips and grow your customer base for no expenses.


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