Are you a fashion blogger or SEO-content writer?

Whatever you write, the aim remains the same-

  • Getting more and more traffic.
  • Generating revenue.
  • Getting more comments and likes on the post

This list doesn’t end here, but what to do when your content is not receiving expected results.

Then, you need some hacks on how to improve your content and meet your ROI goals?

Here are the 3 ways you can use to grab the attention of your audience through your post-

1) Ask People Around

You may have seen this topic many times when creating content pieces and every time you would find new ideas and suggestion to do that.

So what’s new this time?

When we write a certain piece of content, you think the subject is outstanding and unseen, but what if others don’t think so or know the topic very well?

This situation can arrive and if you want to tackle this, you have to research in and around your audience.

Go and ask your audience about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interest or Google it.

You can also get in touch with following sites to obtain valuable customers and their thoughts-

These platforms will give you ideas about the interests of people as well as the language they use for discussing a topic.

You can add it to your content.

Apart from doing Google or surfacing Quora, you can use external blogs and media writing about your chosen topic.

Get help from the content software tool or a topic research tool to find a complete set of information for selecting the topic with the highest relevance and ranking potential.


2) Learn from Competitors 

When you’re hooked up to make your content successful, no one can stop you.

But, there are people who have the same aspiration and are coming up with a great piece of content.

So, if they’re successful, why not to explore their magnum opus.

There is plenty to learn from those sorts of content and you can compare various valuable things-

What is their writing pattern? Do they write including subtopics? Are they using smaller sentences? The set of keywords used in the content? Style of headline writing?

If you want the information gathered turn actionable, use the SEO Content Template.

It will help you create based on the analysis of your competitor’s content appeared in Google Top 10 results.

  • Performance of their content? Articles & blogs getting more likes and shares? Position of articles in SERPs?

The tool provides you with clear SEO recommendations for future content, based on your initial topic/subtopic idea:

Tool like SEMrush offers clear SEO recommendations for future content, based on your elementary topic/subtopic idea-

  • Idea of keyword usage in your content compared to the pattern and type of keywords used in your competitor’s content.


3) Ensure Your Content Complies with SEO Needs

Now your content has to comply with SEO requirements.

Remember writing is a creative procedure and even if you have a clear plan, you can turn away from the concept.

To avoid this, go for checking content compliance with your SEO requirements with the help of SEO Writing Assistant.

You need to install the tool in Google Docs or WordPress and check how SEO friendly your content is.

There are several features to help you evaluate your new piece:

The tool would offer you-

  • The overall score which is a live metric that shows the article quality on the basis of factors as readability, words, and target keywords.

If you are 8 out of 10, then the quality of content is good for publish.

  • Readability ensures the way your content has been written. It decides how your content is doing on a scale of reading and understanding.

This can be calculated on the Flesch-Kincaid reading-ease score.

  • Number of words ensures the guidelines provided by the site have been fulfilled for article writing.
  • Target keywords are sure to be added in the text. Add them as per the guidelines are given.
  • Title recommends your headline.
  • Plagiarism checks optimization for plagiarized content. You can use Copyscape, Check-plagiarism like to tool to detect the plagiarism level of the content.

These are common but most required metrics which shows the quality of content optimization and its readiness for coming on Google’s Page 1.



Writing a piece of content may offer various advantages, but creating it in a perfect way needs skill and kn ?ou ideating your content to make it noticeable and Google-friendly, both.13 Ways to avoid losinou ideating your content to make it noticeable and Google-friendly, both.

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