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Do you want to succeed in social media without using any content?

In this article, you will find 3 ways to enhance your exposure with your audience without publishing any content.

1) Integrate Personal and Business Channels for More Engagement

The first step includes combining personal and business channels where you aim for consistent branding.

Take social media as a platform for relationship building and communication along with broadcasting.

Build a strong social profile and make people clearly know who you are and what you do. Personal and business profiles both represent you and your business and give cues to your prospects.

Take a quick glance at your business profiles to see if your main message is clear to new connections or followers. Think through your personal accounts as well.

Update your profile if you think your main message won’t be clear to new connections or followers.

Update following details-
  • Job description or company description
  • Website URL
  • Consistent imagery


2) Use Your Personal Profile to Build Network for Business

Not only unifying the personal and business profiles works, but an individual personal profile will also work for your goals.

So use your personal profile to share messages to support your business.

Connecting with a new audience on social media is a lot easier to do with personal account rather than a business one.

Take LinkedIn as an example, you can send requests to as many members whom you find useful for you and that can be done across the world.

Building a network on LinkedIn is a matter of no time and the network could go to any extent.

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3) Use Private Chat for 1:1 Conversation 

Almost every social media channel offers private message functions. As per a survey, it has been revealed that 64% of Facebook monthly users use Messenger.

This indicates getting interacted with any individual with private chat option makes the job much easier.

You can talk over the matters which you want like funding, speaking or whichever business you operate.

These are some ways you can build a relationship on social media.

You can check the delivery as well as seen & unseen status of your message rather finding the visibility through the news feed algorithm.

Here are a few ideas to use Messenger to stay top of mind on Facebook:
  • Share an article that might influence a contact.
  • Wish your contacts on the eve of birthday, business events, and a new job.
  • Say thank you to people who are wishing you on your success.
Try these tips for using LinkedIn messaging to build your impression:

Be polite in your chatting and try to address what your prospects need. Talking their way would help them understand you are their well-wisher and trying them for specific reasons. Thank them when they accept your request and start your conversation in a generous manner.

Don’t send a sales message at first, this would ruin your impression.  The image is a vital aspect of relationship building. Go slowly with your goals and bring your contact to your point by motivating them. Make them realize the importance of the product or service for them.

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Social media is all about content and if you don’t use them for a reason that could surely look next to impossible.

But, achieving social success is possible without using the content.

Here are three useful ways you can get the success of different social platforms without involving any content.

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