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It is the era of online social networking and almost all of us are on one or the other social media outlet. It is the time when businesses don’t have to walk far to find a prospect and make a sale. Presence on the social media outlets can bestow them with immense opportunity to run their business smoothly and successfully. As far as creating a business strategy is concerned, LinkedIn happens to be one of the best platforms on the planet that helps you do so. Here are three ways how LinkedIn helps you do a better business.

Evaluate the Competition

LinkedIn 1 While preparing for your annual planning budget, you might need to know about your competitor’s marketing team and budget. Gathering information about your competitors and comparing it with that of yours will for sure help you make a better marketing budget. Now how does LinkedIn help you here? You can run a search on LinkedIn with the company’s name or the related job titles. Trust me, you are going to get an amazing list about people working with that company and not just that you also get to know how many of them are in marketing. Although not all the employees of any organization are registered on LinkedIn but yes it will at least give you a close idea about the strength of employees who are working in marketing and indirectly an idea about the revenue devoted to marketing efforts.

Check the background

LinkedIn 2 Many recruiters of the world rely on Linked In for n number of purposes, which includes searching candidates for job, checking their background and so on. LinkedIn happens to be a professional network and somebody using it is supposed to have his entire professional information which companies can use it to their advantage. So checking the professional background of the employee you are going to hire becomes easier for you.

For Multiple purposes through LinkedIn Polls


LinkedIn 3 You have Linked Polls at your disposal to accomplish many tasks. You can gather ideas for writing blogs and columns and can write helpful and interesting content which will serve as the answer to the questions of the users. You can also get product and service feedback through it. To know the market response you can ask questions to your groups or followers on LinkedIn. It will also help you save immense resources and carry out immediate market research. Besides, you can use LinkedIn polls to generate offers as by running a poll you can acquire immense information about things or ideas that would interest your prospects.

These were three very important ways LinkedIn helps you create a better strategy for your business be it is related with your marketing team or budget, your employees or your prospects and customers. So now onwards if you are going to make a strategy for your business, include a section that says LinkedIn and its best practices.


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