Are you an SEO professional?

Wondering how to get best out of link building efforts?

There are many points to consider when you’re looking to see SEO success in term of link acquisition.

The first one publishing a backlink to your site on a high authority website and reason is, it secures the quality of link building.

Quality link building helps in getting best of the Google rankings.

The next one, effective link building brings desired traffic to the website.

The benefits are many, but what here important is the procedures involved in sustainably earning links. Getting worthy links and achieving organic search growth requires-

In this article, you’ll find a discussion about the role of these SEO pillars in effectively earning links and drive search results.

1. Make Proper Keyword Research

Link building gives you results when it’s strategic, and such building is done on sound keyword research.

Link building can give you hassles. So, you need to identify where the link can have the most impact.

A right keyword research activity can help you get impactful link building and its strategy.

Following steps will help you get the best SEO keywords

  • Make a list of foundation keywords.
  • Analyze foundation keywords.
  • Prioritize best opportunities.

Every step mentioned above helps in identifying which keywords can bring the best results for a search.

Make a List of Foundation Keywords

You should start the keyword research taking foundation keywords in your mind.

Foundation or seed keywords are initial search terms identical to your business nature.

To create the list, go through the following sources-

  • Product or service terms.
  • Competitor keywords.
  • Related searches within different search engines.
  • Audience language and terms.

These sources help you make a list of seed keywords that can provide a base for your business by refining your keyword research.

Examine Seed Keywords

After the list is prepared, you need to examine the identified keyword phrases.

This analysis makes understand the potential search opportunity included in each term. You can analyze the following areas-

  • Search volume.
  • Searcher intent.
  • Competition level.
  • Brands ranking currently.
  • Matching SERP features.

Each of these factors contributes to the overall opportunity associated with your seed keywords.

Prioritize Best Opportunities

Now, when you’ve examined the important areas that determine search opportunity, go on prioritizing keyword targets to increase SEO results.

Link building is a strategy that takes to see results.

Now go for prioritizing your keyword opportunities based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with overarching business goals.
  • The equilibrium of low competition and high search volume.

Assessing keywords based on the above-mentioned criteria offers a handful of opportunities that should inform your link building strategy.

For a proper keyword research, you can use tool like Google Keyword Planner and others.



2. Quality Content Development

For getting the best search rank, you need to come as a deserving candidate.

Your page should have content that answers searcher intent and fulfills ranking requirements.

Content can be curated in two ways, either improving the old one or creating new pages.

Improving Old Pages

First, try to improve old content as new content is always not necessary.

If your existing page has target keywords, then a little content addition and backlinks would be enough to make the difference for getting organic visibility.

Any web page made as a potential target page should have ranked below 50 and includes a propensity for links.

With these features present, small tweaks can improve link ability and better position your page to answer relevant searches.

Potential changes that improve this include:

  • Enlarging depth and length of content.
  • Adding numerous formats (video, interactivity, etc.).
  • Enhancing design and visuals.
  • Updating time-sensitive content.

Enhancing old pages can offer a reasonable option for targeting imperative keywords.

You can use best of the content marketing tools like BuzzSumo, Evernote, Kred and others.


3. Sound On-page Optimization

Link building becomes powerful when your page is backed by on-page optimization.

If you have worthy links, but from the suboptimal site then that can be a loss.

On the opposite side, if your pages are well-designed and optimized, backlinks can prove to be highly worthy.

Whenever you’re making new pages or improving the old one, take notice of following technical points-

On-page optimization of the page ensures your link is doing great for your efforts.

Not only external links, your internal links are also important to link building because of they

  • Influence usability.
  • Guide search crawlers.
  • Direct valuable link equity.

Internal linking taps link equity to e-commerce websites which otherwise find difficult to get links. See this in following linking diagram-

Third-party linking site > Linkable asset on your site > Important product page


When you’re aiming to get the best rank for your website, you should focus on building effective link building.

Link building is important for SEO and may cause difficulty to you. So, before you proceed for the same, strategize it.

Above-mentioned ways will help you in building important and effective link acquisition.

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