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Search Engine Optimization( SEO) seen a great turning point in its history with the enforcement of a few algorithm updates by Google like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, which actually shook up its world. SEOs all round the world had to halt their ongoing operations that mainly included link-building and keyword-obsessed ways and start focusing on quality content immediately in their place.

However, again, simply pumping out high-quality, keyword-optimized content is not the only thing SEO is comprised of. There is a lot more!

But the idea is there is actually so much change that has taken place in SEO that it has kind of confused the marketers as to what is outdated , what remains important, what needs to be dumped and what needs to be adopted.

This is why in this article we are going to talk about a few wasted efforts in SEO that many marketers still regard as very important tactics. Let’s go through these three very crucial SEO myths that must be out-spaced before the dawn of the New Year to have a well-focused search engine optimization for your websites.

1) Google Authorship increases search visibility & click-through rates

I went through a number of blogs recently telling about how important Google authorship happens to be but friend do you know Google completely dismantled the program in August this year. In fact, it already had removed Google Authorship photos from search engines in June this year. So, there is nothing like Google Authorship that exits! 😀

But of course!

Getting more and more people on your Google+ Account will be a good idea as now the Google+ posts from your connections will appear as Authorship did.

2) Meta descriptions impact search ranking to a great extent

It’s true that meta descriptions are very important in order to tell the searchers as to what exactly your page is all about and convince them that your page is worth navigating to, making things easier for them who aren’t much experience on search at the same time. However, it doesn’t have to take anything with your web page’s ranking as Google has already announced back in 2009 that Meta descriptions or say Meta keywords will not impact the search rankings.

So, make sure you create the best Meta descriptions for your content but don’t expect that to impact your ranking. Moreover, using a mini call-to-action and targeted keyword in Meta descriptions will yield you good results apart from the ranking.

3) The Homepage means a lot of content

If your website is the virtual outlet for your products & services, your home page certainly is the gateway to your business and that it is the first impression that the visitors will have of your business.

I don’t think I need to tell you that the shortest speech that can put across the agenda without confusing the audience is accepted by all. This is what! You simply need to put across the agenda and not the unnecessary words to confuse the visitors.


Make sure the content on your homepage is long enough to elucidate your agenda that include:

Who you are
What you do
Your value proposition
Where you are located (if you mainly need local clients)
…and finally…what visitors should do next 🙂


“The right act, at the right time in the right place actually works like a Midas Touch!”

So, whether you are experienced or a start-up, doing the right things will not only yield you good results but will save your time and help you concentrate of other productive areas boosting your confidence at the same time!

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