Social influencers are really in highly active mode, especially on Instagram.

According to a report of January 2018, 78% social influencers utilize Instagram for brand collaborations globally, while the share of blogs stayed 16% which was followed by YouTube (4%), Facebook (2%), and Pinterest (1%).


Instagram influencers are able to generate reliable word-of-mouth engagement that turns their followers into your long-lasting customers.

Here are 3 tips that can help you get the right influencer for your branding goals-

1) Set Your Business Goals First

In order to search influencers, first, try to optimize your business goals.

You need not to look instantly into the influencer’s engagement rate and a number of followers, rather think about your business goals.

Why Do You Need Influencers?

It is very much needed to understand what you want to do with influencer marketing?

Your goals may like these following-
  • Augmenting brand awareness.
  • Generating leads or driving sales.
  • Making more & more Instagram followers.

Your choice of influencer will proceed on the basis of these goals.

Do They Match Your Brand’s Identity?

Now, if you choose just an influencer, then it won’t work.

The selected influencer needs to align or fit your brand’s personality.

Therefore, you need to have a clear idea of your influencer campaign goals to search an influencer that eminently reflects your brand.

For instance, an influencer promoting beauty tips won’t work for home interiors.

2) Look for Real Engagement

When it comes to branding on Instagram, the engagement remains one of the most critical metrics.

The average engagement rate for an Instagram influencer was near to 4.36% in 2017, and influencers having less than 1, 000 followers received 8% as the highest engagement rate.

The engagement rate starts going down with an increase in the number of followers. Although, few times this metric can be deceptive as popularity is always not the key for conversions. You should first know how reliable the engagement is.

Find Word-of-mouth Reactions

Genuine followers ask questions, come up with personal statements, and also tag their friends in their comments. These are said word-of-mouth reactions by real followers.


3) Use a Right Influencer Marketing Platform

Aforementioned methods are certainly usual, but at the same time, they’re manual and time-consuming. To save your time and efforts, you better use influencer marketing platform to get the right influencers in no time.

Here are some of the noticeable influencer marketing platforms for you-


Tapinfluence is a cloud-based influencer marketing platform that offers 11 x increases in ROI of your campaigns. You will also find an ROI calculator that help you know whether your sales are right for investing in a marketing campaign.


Famebit is dedicated to YouTubers, but now it supports all sorts of social media channels. You can get social media influencers who have 5000 followers belonging to different niches.



Influencers are great resources to turn a prospect into loyal customers.

But, for that, you need to find the right influencers for your goals.

This article uncovers three strategies to find Instagram influencers.

Hope the information helps you strategize better.

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