Improving your ad rank on AdWords can be a bit tiresome.

Sometimes no matter how hard you work on your ads; you just can’t touch that #1 spot.

Here in this article, you’ll understand what ad rank is, and how can you improve it.

What is Ad Rank?

Ad Rank is the value that decides your ad position in the paid search results in Google AdWords and whether your ads are eligible to show at all.

The ad with the highest Ad Rank gets to show in the top position and the ad with the second-highest Ad Rank gets to show in the second position and so on.

The basic of Ad Rank:

[code]Ad Rank = Bid x Quality Score x Landing Page Performance[/code]

Some key factors contributing to your Ad rank:
  • Bid Amount/Ad Rank Thresholds: The minimum amount you need to bid to be in a specific position.
  • Ad Quality: CTR, relevance, landing page experience and your quality score.
  • The Context of Search: Device, time of day, terms, etc.
  • Ad Extension Impact
To improve your ad position, you can:

But these are the easiest way and need more money to improve your ad rank.

Better Ads Mean Better Ad Rank

When someone does a search that triggers an ad that competes in an auction, it helps in ad rank calculation. This calculation includes your bid and auction-time measurements of expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience, among other factors.

To decide the auction-time quality elements, there are number of different factors.

By improving the resulting factors you can help improve the quality of your Ad Rank:
  • Your ad’s expected click-through rate
  • Your ad’s relevance to the search
  • The quality of your landing page

Other factors improving your ad rank:

1) The related Ad extension

High bid amount is the easiest way to influence your ad rank, but nobody wants to spend more for clicks.

Then, focus on producing relevant ad with related ad extension.

“When estimating the expected impact of extensions and ad formats, we consider such factors as the relevance, click-through rates, and the prominence of the extensions or formats on the search results page.”- said Google

For example- If you are using CTA that don’t match up with your ad, it will send a negative signal to Google and engagement rate of this ad extension will be low.

Note: Don’t use extensions for fun. Use them to improve your offer and drive action.




2) Use More Specific Ad Groups

Relevance and Specificity are two specific themes when it comes to improving your ad rank.

Ad groups are the most important factor of success in ad ranking. This is because the AdWords structure shows your most relevant ad to people searching on Google.

Note: For successful business, be sure to create very specific ad groups.

For example:

If you sell beverages, create different ad groups for different beverages you offer.  A coffee lover customer is more likely to click on an ad about coffee than a basic ad on food & beverages.

Specificity and Relevance help your ads gain significance.

Relevance tends to lead to higher quality ads that do better in the ad auction and generate more conversions.


3) Create Landing page for Each Ad

Your AdWords landing page is your key to convince the customer to convert i.e. to buy your product, fill out a form or download a product.

You need high-quality landing pages to optimize conversion rates, and highly appropriate pages will also lower your conversion costs.

The most important feature of an optimized landing page is relevance. Your landing page should be relevant to your ad. The page should deliver what the ad promises and what the user needs.

Relevant ad text landing pages also gets higher Quality Scores, and better ad rank.

Note: Your landing page should match up with your ad campaign and use different landing pages for each different ad.

Your Google AdWords landing page should cover:
  • An engaging, relevant headline
  • A supportive tagline
  • List of benefits
  • Customer badges or testimonials
  • A clear and contrasting call-to-action
  • A lead capture form
  • An image that appeals to the visitors’ emotional side

For Example: Let’s see DSIM ad and its landing page. This is their ad:

Google Ad:


Landing Page: Once you click on the ad, you will come to the landing page you see here: 



These above-mentioned tricks help you to improve your ad rank without raising your ad bids.

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