Are you looking forward to promote through Facebook advertising?

But, before you do, you need to optimize your bidding and know it properly so that you can understand which one is better among clicks or impressions.

Here you’ll know how the selection of bids for ads influences your Facebook ad campaign.

#1. Create Your Campaign

To know which charge i.e. CPC or CPM is better for you, you need to run a Facebook ad campaign relying on the Traffic goals or the conversion goals.

How to create Facebook ad campaign?

You can create either with Traffic or Conversion objective.  After finishing required campaign sections, you need to open the Budget and Schedule.

You also need to know that “how you are charged” and the “delivery action” are two completely different things, so never get confused between both of them. If you are going for the optimization of ad delivery for Impressions or Conversions, you’ll be asked to pay by impression.

To control your Facebook ad charges, you need to get your ad delivery for Link Clicks optimized.


#2. Open Your Charge Type Options

To know when you’ll be charged, click on Show Advanced Options in the Budget & Schedule section of your ad campaign.


#3. Choose Between Link Clicks and Impressions

You’ll have to choose between Link Clicks and Impressions.

If you want to get charged by link click, your charge will be counted in CPC i.e. when your ad link is being clicked by users.

Now, if you want to get charged with impressions, you‘ll have to pay by CPM. This mean, you’ll have to pay every time when your ad impression is shown and the price is calculated per 1,000 impressions.

Now you have to know which one would be better for you.

Advantage of Choosing Link Clicks

CPC means you are charged for your ad clicks and if your ad is not getting loads of clicks, you’ll get free thousand impressions in the beginning. CPC is also profitable when your ad isn’t doing well.

Disadvantage of Choosing Link Clicks

Disadvantage of choosing Link Clicks is that if your ad is doing good and achieving high CTR, you need to pay for every click. Thus, your CPM will climb and you’ll have to pay for that.

So, if you’re not going to spend high amount and not running experiments with different audiences and ad variations and doing enough optimization work, selection of Link Clicks could be a good option.

Advantage of Choosing Impressions

Choosing impressions when your ads are not performing well could be waste of money, but if your ads are performing and getting high CTR, paying on a CPM basis can be advantageous.

CPM is good because you can outperform Facebook’s recommended CPC and its costing feature. CPM is risky but can earn great rewards for you as well.

Why would go for CPM when it is risky? If you have good money to spend on audience splits and ad variations, CPM like ad optimization procedure can bring high performing ads and audiences, both.


Selecting any of these two depends on your Facebook marketing experience. If you are new to Facebook ads marketing and have a small budget and a little time to monitor your ad performance, go to link clicks.

Once you have earned enough experience in running campaigns and can go for optimization by adjusting manual bids and daily budgets, you can go for impressions.

If you are confident and comfortable enough in optimizing Facebook ads, go for campaign performance monitoring and consider medium to a large budget, impressions can give you a great result.



Impression and link click, both are profitable depending on the conditions. If you have a little experience, budget and ad monitoring time, link clicks would be good. If you have enough experience in optimizing Facebook ad and medium or large budget, CPM can deliver desired results.

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