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A keyword in digital marketing is defined as a word or phrase used by a person to gather information on a topic online. Usually people enter the keywords in search engines like Google, Bing or social media sites like twitter, Facebook, linked in and so on to hatch the information they are looking for. And, keyword optimization is optimizing your distinguished content for keywords that are used by your potential customers to search your product or service.

Day by day, the number of people finding business online through keyword search is increasing. This is a good signal for marketers who want to extend their business and increase their reach. They can optimize their website and other content around the keywords that are related to their business and are most frequently used by the people to get the required information. Now, when the people will search for information using these keywords, their chances of getting found go higher which eventually brings more and better quality traffic to your website. Marketers need to make sure that right people are finding them and they are not wasting money on useless clicks.

So, this was a brief about why keyword optimization matters for your business. Let me walk you through the three main reasons in details as to why is keyword optimization is so important.

1) Keyword optimization gives a better insight of the target market

1111 While optimizing your content for keywords whether off-page or on-page, the first thing that you do is keyword research. And, while you do keyword research, you get to have immense information about your target market, whether it is about terms they are using to search online, or how many of them are searching for what term, where are they searching from and so on. We might be using an industry jargon to explain our product while customers are using a different phrase for it. However it all gets clarified while we do a keywords research.

Besides, Peter Ducker has very well said that – “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

So, the moment you have identified with who your customer is and what he wants, it really becomes easier for you to optimize your marketing so that it gets aligned with needs of your customers.

Moreover, while you do a keyword research in order to optimize your content for keywords, the tools such as Google keywords Planner not only tells about the aforesaid information but also tells you about the search volume, competition for the keywords and a lot more.

2) Keyword optimization helps us make our web sites more customer-friendly

126 Now, it is obvious that when you have better insights about your target customers, you will optimize your website to give your customers a better experience as even search engines give more priority to the user experience.

Suppose if a customer visits your website and does not finds anything that he was expecting while he clicked on your listing on Serp, he is sure to bounce back and visit your competitors’ website. So, while you are optimizing your website content for keywords you need to think about the needs of your potential customers and the phrases they use to express what they need.

You must take care that the phrases that they use to search the product or service should be aligned with the phrases they see in your search result listing and the phrases that are there on your landing page where they visit after clicking your listing. In short, there should be consistency when it comes to the phrases they are using to search the product and the phrases that you have used in your distinguished content.

131 Like we talked just now that even search engines give priority to user experience, so the better experience your content will give to the users, the better will be your search engine ranking. And, how would you be giving users a better experience. Certainly by giving them what they want and by not creating a situation that will not only be frustrating for your customers but devastating for you as well.

There are a few things like keywords stuffing, black hat SEO, etc that marketers actually used to practice earlier but frequent algorithms updates by search engines like Google has kept a check on them. They penalize you for such practices and that your website visibility gets a big hit.

However, it doesn’t mean you should not optimize your content for keyword as there is vast difference between keyword optimization and tactics like keyword stuffing.

While talking about this, let me tell you how search engines determine what your site is about. They read text on your website pages and the text in links from other web sites that point to your web site to identify with what your website is about. In both the cases, keywords play a big role but then content has to be valuable and immaculate, while you can always keep it around your keywords.


So, keyword optimization not only helps you in understanding your target customers but also in reaching and engaging them to grow your business. However, one important thing that needs your attention is that although keyword optimization is very essential but not the only thing required for achieving top ranking in serp. There are so many other things that are required such as link building, social signals and so on.

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