Trying to collect email leads from Facebook group?

But, not able to do it properly.

No worries, as this article will educate you how you can make an email list using your Facebook group people.

1. Get Your Links on a Lead Generation Page

Case 1

When you post your ad to your group, the first thing required to access this information is that members to share their email addresses.

People who look for online freebies offers are expected to share their email address to receive the image files.


Case 2

You may notice, certain group members hesitate to click exceedingly sales focused posts. This issue can be shortened if you share a blog, video comprising a start with an email opt-in.

This indirect approach offers a higher conversion rate than sharing a direct link in a group. Also, your blog or video will drive engagement.


Case 3

An email list can be created if you post regularly and that converts the members into email subscribers.

Every month, follow a mixed content strategy that includes contests, survey, quizzes and others.

The more types of lead generators will be used, the more members will be converted.

Facebook provides its admin a feature to schedule group posts so that you can plan your promotions in advance.

You can also take help of third-party tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and CoSchedule.


Case 4

Now, you need to track the performance off your posts, add a link shortener like Sniply or Bitly which will help you track the links of your posts.

You may not see your posts engaging the attention of group members if your group is active.

Apart from frequent posting, you can also pin your post with the lead-generating link to ensure group members see the post.

Select Mark as Announcement and you can do this by clicking the three dots that appear in the upper right of the post and from there select Mark As Announcement.


2. Gather Emails with Group Entering Questions

Facebook enables group owners to ask potential questions to members before they allow them to join the groups.

If you’re a group admin, you can ask three questions to people who joint your group and include a question asking for email.

There is chance that people opening the first email are more likely to open the second one.

How to Set Questions in Your Facebook Group?

Steps to set questions in your group-

  • Open your group.
  • Click on the More button available in the top bar.
  • Now, choose Edit Group Settings.


  • Ensure your group is closed to collect emails.
  • Choose the Closed option and click on Confirm (Change Group Privacy Setting)


Some groups allow current members to approve new requests to join the group. While collecting emails, only admins and moderators should approve new members.

Ensure Only Admins and Moderators is selected in the Membership Approval setting.


Go to Membership Requests section and click Ask Questions tab to set questions.


In the form that appears, you can ask up to three questions, which don’t have to be questions at all.

The form will appear where you can ask up to three questions which don’t have to be exact questions.

You can see the example in the following image-


When you’ve set questions, click on Save. Now, in general, new group requests show the requester’s name and their answers to your questions.


Add Email Addresses to Your Email Software

You can use the Group Ninja Chrome extension to export emails from Facebook to Google Sheets. The extension can be purchased at $9.99/ month.


The move the email addresses from Google Sheet to your email marketing software like ConvertKit or Zapier.

Manual process for transferring the emails from your group to email marketing software is to copy the emails from group and paste them in the software or a master CSV file.

The CSV file will help you upload a list of emails at once.

3. Create a Big Group Cover Image for Your Lead Magnet

At the top of your group, you can add a banner that you can use a lead gathering billboard.

The tactic would involve a lead magnet that makes sharing an email useful.

You need to know a simple free offer won’t work as your users know an email takes them to future promotions.

You need to offer valuable things to your audience.

Also make a landing page for the lead magnet that helps you collect email addresses.

In case you don’t get a landing page with a lead magnet, choose ClickFunnels like tool.

You can use Fiverr or Freelancer.com to make a landing page.


Make a 1640*920 pixel cover image having a CTA button for your landing page.

The image would act as a big banner ad for your lead magnet.

Through the image, identify your group with your branding along with promoting your lead magnet.

Replace your old cover image with new one as per the instructions given after hovering to the old one.

When you’ve uploaded the image, ensure its position is perfect.

Although you can’t link your group cover image to your landing page, you can add a link in the image description.

After you upload your image, click Add a Description.

However, you can’t link your group cover image to your landing page, what you can do is add a link in the image description.

Once you upload your image, click on Add a Description.


Then write a short description (like the one shown here) to explain that visitors must click the link to access the landing page.

Then add a description to explain to attract visitors to click the link to go to the landing page.



Email leads help you grow your prospect database. There are different ways you can get email subscribers and one of them is Facebook group.

Here are 3 ways you can gather emails leads from your Facebook group people.

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