Are you concerned about how online reviews and reputation affect your business?

You may also want to know how to respond negative comments that badly hit your business impression and volume as well.

This article is going to resolve all queries related to the improvement of your online reputation.

Why an Online Reputation and Reviews Matter to Marketers

How much vital online reputation and reviews can be for your business?

Today, the internet has become the best resource for finding locations, write, get information and most importantly sell your products.

Here are some stats that will prove it right-
  • According to Statista (as of March 2018), 46.1% of people between the ages of 18 and 60 research products online before going to the store to purchase them.
  • WordStream reported that 43% of consumers research online while in-store, and BigCommerce states that 80% of Americans shop online at least once a month.

These factors reveal various things, such as you may see the downfall of your business, you may have to cut resources and adjust with your budget and business plans.

Since, social media is the place where businesses and individuals meet, assessing your brand’s character and value won’t be so difficult.

Do you think negative reviews only hamper?

In general, negative reviews are taken as factors hampering the image of the brand.

But, if you tackle it smartly, these reviews can become your strength. When a customer is frustrated or annoyed, he or she shares the experience gathered.

But, in order to tackle the customer reviews in a better way, you need to have a content strategy.

Following tips can improve your online reputation-

1) Take Help of Tools to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Tools have always proved to be instrumental while managing serious business aspects. You can use tools for monitoring your online reputation score.

Google Alerts can help you get important notifications of mentions of your brand used on the web. The tool is quick, free and effective.

You just need to enter the search terms for which you want alerts and also the time duration to be notified.


Rankur is the tool that offers a free version to monitor all mentions made on the web including blogs, images, videos and social media platforms.


You’ll have to upgrade the monthly plan at $24/month.

2) Turn Unsatisfied Customer into a Happy One

It’s always good to stand on the expectations of your customers especially when they are not happy with your product or service.

Address the issue and resolve it as soon as possible publicly on the platform your consumer is using.

If you’re taking actions on the immediate basis, you can happily satisfy the annoyed customer and that will help you’ll be able to convince other consumers as well.

You’ll able to show that transparency is your ethics and you never intend to spread wrong information or deliver poor quality products.

Whatever issue was created may have happened, but, the customer is always the god.

You can keep your consumer in contact till the issue is not resolved. You can use Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram like social platforms to keep informed about the progress of the resolution.


There can many facets to a complaint like a customer genuinely wanted to improve the quality of your service or product. It may also be possible that the customer is really upset or felt unheard.

You explore all the reasons that have made your customer unsatisfied.

3) Don’t Let Anyone Harass Your Online Reputation

Reputation hacking is an old age activity. Today, we perform online reputation activities, but in earlier days, word of mouth was used to defame a product or service.

The circulation of words used to create waves across the market, but nowadays reviews are written and published on the internet.

Online reviews go immediately viral.

So, what next to it?

Anyone can reap this opportunity and defame your business and brand.

The identity can be hiding and thus you may not be able to trace the unwarranted devil that spoiled your image.

They may be your customer or anyone else.

Tackle all situations wisely and come as a winner.


Online reputation is something that can be tormented anytime without much effort. It could be due to the poor quality of your service or product or someone harassing your image.

You need to keep eye on all such activities and enroll the above-mentioned tips to improve or restore your online reputation.

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