You tried your best to make content your brand builder but still, haven’t achieved the goal.

You are not alone then, there are many content pieces die soon after publishing just in lack of proper promotion strategies.

 LinkedIn is, of course, a great professional platform and thus offer the variety of ways to promote the brand through different ways.

Here are 3 ways you can promote your business on LinkedIn-

1. Come with Fast & Informative Native videos

Social media is a fascinating place, especially Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There are other platforms which are also watched, but not like these three.

When we talk about LinkedIn, the frequency even drops further.

In fact, the majority of users using less than two hours a week, with a large portion at zero minutes.

If you calculate, its 24 minutes a day in a 5-day work week and even goes low for a 6-day week work.

LinkedIn users like fastidiously browsing material that opens without hassles as well.

Video content is preferred over a pasted link with a featured image because it’s short and concise.

Short videos say the same thing of the blog and take less time compared to a blog reading.

The native video runs for 3 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the content you want to share.

See this in the following example-

Quick native videos will always help you grab the attention of your audience.


2. Use Only-Text Structure on LinkedIn

After the native video, trust on the power of texts.

To understand all this, let’s take the example of Twitter. It’s a platform often not found on top of the priority while choosing social media.

Twitter is simple and mostly text-based posts work well.

With advertisement and promotion all over, Twitter gives its users a medium to say gently to the audience.

As it revealed that basic text posts are no more found appreciating norm on most platforms, but actually it’s good.

This way you can stand out.

Marketing says images and visuals are preferred, but, the plain text brings engagement.

Meanwhile, the text posts are causing more likes, comments, and shares to come than any other form of content on LinkedIn.

You can check the below example where emojis and mostly text-based content has been used-


Next time you post on LinkedIn, come with simple text-based content.


3. Take & Give Back Policy Works on LinkedIn

The misfortune of social media is “people usually take, but don’t give back”.

If you have noticed the pattern of social media, then realized that every marketer makes spam promotions and then leave.

We see social media a medium to reach masses with the content. Users of social media definitely engage with it. But, we don’t respond back and assume that users will click, comment and engage.

See this trend:

Create new blog post -> publish live -> load into Buffer -> repeat.

See what’s missing? Actual engagement and effort.

What’s missing in the above trend?


But, your expectation can’t be fulfilled if you are not giving them back.

Answer each and every comment on your post and make your audience feel you’re humble and want them on your board.

Make a long discussion on a blog post and ask them to put their feedback.

Respond to each feedback and try to know whether they liked your post or not.

If they are not happy or find something unusual, try to gather their view on that particular aspect.

Promise them that the next segment would be more comprehensive and would add the guidelines given by the readers.

What not to do is to answer negatively. Even though, you don’t like any comment, either try to hide it or ask them politely for the reason.

Keeping yourself calm will help to establish as a better brand.

See this example-



LinkedIn is a different social media platform and would not be popular like Facebook and a few other channels.

But, this doesn’t mean the platform doesn’t offer a remarkable place to start branding. Actually, it does in a diverse way for which you’ll have to learn perfectly.

Here are 3 tips that will help you promote your brand on LinkedIn and get the most engagement.

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