The steady growth of online marketing and visibility has become integral parts of a business.

Among the many pillars, social media marketing is something that fascinates more to a businessperson.

Social media marketing gathers immense respect when it comes to the performance of an ad.

The replication of visibility and reach to target audience are quite faster than other components of digital marketing.

Facebook offers a brilliant example of delivering high performing ads.

These ads will ideate you to drive sales and leads for your business.

Here are the examples-

Facebook ads are money-consuming so it is highly needed that the marketer knows the basics.

This means you should get clicks and conversions when your ads are performing and getting traffic for your landing page.

Get to know about three best Facebook ad examples-

Example 1- Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer team headed by Ryan Deiss runs an annual conference with a name Traffic & Conversion. The team highly focuses on leads and sales.

They showed their best performing Facebook ad as per available data. The data is about generating leads and not the sale.

As per the metrics, this ad is worthy for the following reasons-

The image shown above reveals the strength of the ad and tells that image and copy should work together.

The ad copy is encouraging and is made to be so convincing that your user should click on the ad. You can also swipe files to offer a better user experience.

The CTA button shown is simple yet encouraging. The words used “scroll” is taken not as blunt as “click here”.

The Digital Marketer Facebook ad gave 83, 285 leads at $ 3.26 each.


Example 2- AppSumo

The next example is of AppSumo Facebook ad. AppSumo and SumoMe are run by Noah Kagan.

SumoMe is known for lead generation and sharing buttons. Here is a Facebook ad example that worked well for him-

Why does this work?

As you can see in the image, you’ll notice that the ad is not trying to sell.

Rather it says “someone to hand over their email address”.

The ad is undoubtedly compelling and creates curiosity as users would like to “how they can start a business in just one hour”.

The results?

As per connect.io, each email lead costs $3, and every 89th email was sold offering $267 in net profit.


Example 3- AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a branded product offered by Hootsuite made to make digital advertising easy and get going.

The platform has taken a test running an email list building campaign which tested the performance of two different ads.

Sending traffic to a “Landing page” apart from Facebook.

Sending traffic to a “Lead Ad” got leads being on Facebook. The CTA was a free ebook.

The team of AdEspresso kept a daily budget of 60 dollars and a total expense of 1000 dollars per campaign.

This is what the Facebook ad of Ad Espresso actually looked like.


 “This is how the pop up within Facebook appeared”.


The results?

  • Landing page results- The traffic that arrived at the landing page, 1,077 were captured by the team. The conversion rate is 50%.
  • Lead ad results: The number of clicks was 1,569 on the Lead form, and people who completed the form were 1,057. Therefore, a conversion rate was 67%.
  • AdEspresso says when the costs were accumulated the landing pages had a little lower cost per lead at 93 cents, while Lead Ads cost a slightly higher cost at 95 cents.

The other attracting part of the test was the advertising cost from Facebook Lead ads went up after a week.


Facebook is one of the social media platforms where ad campaigning brings best results.

There are various brands which have taken the best use of Facebook marketing program.

To get inspired by the success of such brands, you need to pay attention. If you are looking for the best Facebook ads examples, then this article is right for you.

You will find the best three Facebook ad campaign examples in the article.

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