Facebook is certainly one of the most reliable and quickest social marketing platforms.  With billions of active users across the world, the social media offers a great chance to interact with potential customers.

But, in the process, you need to know what features Facebook bring you to amplify your marketing efforts. Facebook proffers 3 marvelous ad types that haven’t been used by you till now.

So, here are the 3 Facebook ad types for your business promotion on Social Media-

#1 Ad Type- Facebook Offer Ad

Facebook offer ad 1

Facebook Offer ad is one of the greatest ways to attract users on the social media. The ad type gives various options in terms of the form and uniqueness of the campaigns you’re displaying. It also helps in complementing your current promotion-centric marketing efforts.

Even though having such benefits, the ad type is not of much use. The reason is that you can create the ad only in your Ads Manager account if you select specific campaign goals or promote an offer from your Facebook Business Page.

Offer ads can be modified as per the requirements and the Title can be written in up to 50 characters and the details in 250 characters.

Facebook offer ad 2

Few things to focus while making an offer ad-
  • Need to set end date.
  • Ideal length of promotion can be 7 days.

As mentioned above offers can be used online in-store or both, you can add promo codes to have more effective tracking of the offer-

Facebook offer ad 3

In offer ad type, the two last important things are that you can manage all the available offers and able to share promo codes from an offer ad. So, for the exclusivity of the ad, it would be good to set the bar high.

It’s because if you are focusing on definitely engaged Facebook prospects, these people may have friends who would be in your offer ad as well.

Facebook offer ad 4

If you want to get more and more customers to be attracted from your offer, add discount in your ad. Facebook suggests free or at least 20% off in the ad.

#2 Ad Type- Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ad

Facebook says users spend five times longer looking at a video in comparison to static content on social media. Another fact in this regard is that Facebook consumes 100 million hours of video every day. So, isn’t Facebook video ads are good for marketing purposes?

In Facebook marketing, images and carousels act as effective brand building, lead generation and sales improvement tools. But, what a video does is likely to not be done by images or carousels.

But, how to create Facebook video ad?

To make a great video ad, you don’t need to add special personality or don’t need to use that are exclusive but not relevant to your ad. You can easily acquire your goals with the solutions available on Facebook ad making platform-

Facebook gives some recommendations for video making-
  • The video should be 15 seconds in length.
  • Shoot your video vertically so that it could match mobile performance as well.
  • Create your video without sound.

Why create a video without sound?

Most of Facebook users open their videos on their phones or while performing various actions on their computer, in either case, they won’t get to the content. This means even if you have added something valuable proposition, a large number of prospects would miss it.

Therefore, to make sure your audience has received your message, add text to your video, use image that makes sense without sound and influence immensely. The headline should be of 25 characters and link description 30 characters.

#3 Ad Type- Messenger Ad Type

Messenger Ad 1

Facebook Messenger is one feature that takes little operation time, isn’t it? According to some data, Facebook has 2 billion users, 30,000 numbers of Chatbots on Messenger, 60Mn businesses on Facebook and much more.

Facebook messenger ads can be as simple or complex as you like and come in two different flavors: click to the messenger and sponsored message. Both are underused.

You can create any of both of simple and complex Facebook messenger ads and they could be propagated in two ways, click to the messenger and sponsored message. But both of them are underused, an unwilling mistake.

Click on messenger ads are standard ads having special CTA and when clicked, opens into a Messenger conversation.

Messenger Ad 2

When you select “Messages” as your campaign goal and choose “Click to Messenger” at the Ad Set level, you are guided to make your audience, placement, budget and ad scheduling like you do in any other Facebook ad type.

Messenger Ad 3

At the ad level, you’ll find “Edit Messenger Setup” in the “Ad Setup” interface.

Messenger Ad 4

Now what to notice here is, any targeted audience who click your ad’s CTA will be moved to Messenger and gets a default response. This is not the way to properly use an underutilized ad format.

While on the other hand, sponsored Messenger ads deliver a message to users who have already Messenger communication with tour business. If you want to reach more prospects, you can click “show advanced options” to open the general audience creation segment.

Messenger Ad 5

The ad creation method for sponsored messages is somehow similar to click on messenger ads. The differences that can be noticed are that in a click to messenger ads, you can use “text only,” “text and image,” or “text and video,” but in sponsored messages, there is no option for video.

Both types of Messenger ads can be customized including the initial messages to the customer responses given to users to choose from. You can also direct prospects to your specific website pages and also use hyperlinked buttons in the place of suggested replies.

Messenger Ad 6


Facebook has always entertained its billions of users with different features. When it comes to offering business ad resources for the promotion, it comes up with some exciting ad types.

Here are 3 underutilized ad types that can prove to be a great resource for promoting.

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