The Google Adwords has become Google Ads, but the features remain the same.

There are many tools and actions available inside when used save PPC experts from old mind-numbing efforts of yesteryears.

Apart from using tools, the article also focuses on how future PPC experts can code inside Google Ads.

But, how can you do coding if you’re not technically sound?

This might be a tough question?

This is why this article has come up with the solution to the problem.

1) Find Automation Options Native to the Search Engines

You can use this option but may be repeating. There are numerous automation options in Google, especially in the new UI.

Google Ads 1

In a recent test done, the objective was to test whether including a smile promotion extension can easily promote a customer’s Fall sale or changing the headline text to directly cause the sale would make a greater impact.

To measure the response, an Ad Variation (available in the new UI) test was set up and it was done in just a few minutes.

It was amazingly simple to do and experts were excited to see the results run for the month.

Earlier, this experiment set up used to be more complicated, so the new automation would look quite helpful as work can be done directly in the UI.

Automated Rules

It would be a great experience to see what can be done with simple automated rules in Google Ads.

A few examples:
  • Use a rule that gets a label for ads paused on the last day of the sale, and use another rule which re-starts the ads when the sale is closed.

Bidding Strategies

Another automation version in the search engines is the actual bidding strategies which are native to those engines like Target ROAS bidding and enhanced CPC.

2) Get Help from Specialized Tools

Another way to automate your accounts successfully without knowing the coding is to find the tool which expertly does it.

Optmyzr can be an option which will help you in quickly creating an account on the basis of certain parameters like automated weekly bid adjustments and running ad assets.

Apart from Optmyzr, there are other tools as well.

Google Ads 2

For instance, Shape manages overall budgeting and projections, Adalysis gets significant ad tests and insights.

Apart from free tools, there paid options also, Martech landscape helps you so anything in your account as long as you for it.

3) Get A Paid Coder for Your Goals

This won’t be the least option, but here it’s a final one for automating custom solutions and get them done by a coding expert.

You can hire someone who can do for you on paid partnership.

There are several people in the world you can ask for and they would be willing to work for the right price and job.

If you want to save your money, you can build your network. This will not only help you with money but also get you, reliable people, when you need them.

It would be better if some close friend of yours assist you.

When you pay someone, you don’t need to know how to write a script.

You never know, expanding your network enough you would have healthy side-gig as the go-to script developer for your PPC experts.


Tackling Google Ads works is an expertise in itself, but doing manually would consume your enough time.

To make it easier and comfortable, you can go for automating.

Here are three tips which help how you can automate Google Ads without knowing it.

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