Are you an established blogger or in the process?

Every blogger, naïve or experienced, looks for maximum returns from their ideas.

But, the efforts can go in vain and expectations can get shattered if you don’t think about how to strategize your blog posts.

This phenomenal post is going to let you know some superb strategies for bringing great blogging ideas.

1. Mention Your Hobbies

A super interactive blog always stay unique in the race as it knows that the audience will also go for the same.

Many of the times you’ll see people discussing newest of the topics, but few of bloggers share their hobbies.

This is why it remains unique and looks interesting.

So, if you’re a blogger and share your likes and dislikes with your audiences, that would generate essential traffic to your blog. You receive comments, shares and likes on your post.

2. Make Book Reading A Habit

Experts say if you want to write great, you need to read great.

Idea of reading great books, magazines, blogs, articles and journals can make you a good blogger. E-books can also be useful.

Making reading a habit will turn nicer for creating a better and influential blogs.

Make a table of content and keep it saved for future use.

3. Think Other Way

Now, you’ve explored your hobbies and got to know reading books.

Next, what you’ve to do is think the other or better say your way.

Representing yourself in your blogs is always a great idea.

This helps you building trust among your audiences and this is what one of major goals of a blog post remains.

4. Check Your Old Content

Neither Google nor your audiences love to read the same content again and again.

So, go for updating your old content and keep a mind set to entertain your users or audiences with the new content pieces.

Repurposing is great in the circumstances.

5. Word Association

Every industry is unique in its own way and similarly bloggers have responsibility to represent the same.

So, what to do in this order, use industry-specific words in your blogs to emphasize the uniqueness of the industry.

It’s a simple process. Use a phrase and explain it further and keep the same flow going in your content.

6. Include Google’s Suggestions in Your Blog

Google is the mastermind behind all digital access.

The suggestions offered by the company play an important role in improving the quality of the content.

Always use Google’s suggestions shown in the blog. This will help you coming with better content.

Blog 6

7. Read and Add the News Stories

News is the important source of information and it would be a smart idea to use that in your blog.

News motivated stories readily affect the reader.

You can also go with finding popular news stories outside your industry and include in your blog posts.

8. Use Freewriting

A general concept in content writing is “First Think Then Write”. But, you need to go for freewriting this time.

It’s a writing art that goes nonstop for a set amount of time. With this writing style, you don’t have to stop or make corrections along the way.

Just keep writing until you finishes and after finishing the content see what ideas you draw out of your session.

9. Go for Quora

Quora is a great question-answer platform where you can look for prompt responses.

If you’re a newbie blogger, you can take ideas from Quora where people are sharing their knowledge, views and information.

You can follow the content related to your requirements and include them in your blog.


10. Do Some Proper Keyword Research

Google says do include highly searched keywords in your blogs and get high ranking in the search engine.

Strong keywords are not only the cornerstone of the blog posts, but also a great resource for more visibility.

You can use different keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and BuzzSumo.

Blog 10

11. Use Your Own Ideas

The best one can write when it comes from within.

So, try to list out your own very ideas, whenever it pops up in your brain.

Note them and accordingly shape them with great content, it makes the flow of post easier and diverse too.

12. Go Through Comments of Readers

Try always reading the comment section of blogs related to your industry or of your own blogs too.

There you can find numerous points of view coming from different people.

It may give you an exciting new point of discussion, which you can use as an idea for your next writing.


13. Utilize the Medici Effect

Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas and Concepts can lead you to innovate something unique and interesting to offer to your readers.

It is The Medici Effect, where in general, unrelated things intersect with each other.

The common ground touched by the two different insights spark amazingly great and interesting content.

14. Analyze Popular Topics on Your Competitor’s Wall

Always keep an eye on the work of your competitors. Go through their most popular section and reader’s feedback.

One can also use tools for analyzing so the job becomes way easier.

Don’t go for the copy process, but try to do more research and come up with something more and better to the same.

You can use tools like SpyFu, Alexa, Google Advanced Search Operators and others to do competitor analysis.


15. Headline Challenge Offers Great Ideas

Make a habit of penning down 50 or more headlines in general.

The idea of creating exciting headlines will help you in getting down with a good content piece.

One can take assistance from the web, tools to filter headline, or can also go through basic headline formulas.

It may take up time initially, but once you will be done with this, an idea for a blog would be in no time with you.

You can also use headline generator tools SEOPressor, TweakYourBiz and CoSchedule.


16. Make Notes While You Write

Many of times, one gets off guarded against the on-topic and starts discussing same. In general, writers simply delete the content starts afresh.

Unlikely, this before rubbing the content, make the notes from that idea.

This will keep your ideas preserved with you and could be used later on.

17. Fix Deadline

Few writers come up with their best work when working under pressure.

So, if it works for someone then try creating a deadline for you. The set deadline fastens the work place and brain starts functioning brilliantly in such instances.

18. Try to Understand Your Target Readers

The content which triggers interests in readers is the best content simply.

So, it is always needful to keep understanding the interests and queries of your audiences.

Keep interviewing your readers; this will help you in getting a deeper insight into them.

You can use their queries to create new content.

19. Participate in The Industry Conference

Attending conferences gives you two benefits at one time.

Listening to the industry experts and getting into discussions with other attendees.

Both educate you better about your industry and you can strengthen your understanding and writing skills about your industry.

It also keeps you updated about current happenings doing the round.

20. Activate Google Alerts For Your Account

To start up with writing, keywords are the best of help.

So, activate Google alert for keywords relating to your Blog post.

All the current popular headlines will be there in your inbox, your search job will get minimized by this.

Make note of those and see what you can use for your next write-up.


21. Prepare A List Of Questions

Routinely, try making the list of questions regarding your industry.

These questions should cover the present scenario, future prospects, past happenings and so on.

You can use all of these questions, in shaping new content, which offers good knowledge to the audience.

Try to make it comprehensive in keeping under categories and you will find it smoother to work on.

22. Challenges and Overcomes

We all almost go through similar sort of turmoil’s in our lives.

Your own mistakes, challenges would surely strike a chord with many of your readers.

Make out a list of your failures, struggles and use it as your blog idea.

It will emerge as helpful content for your readers and person going through the same circumstances will relate with it instantly.

23. Take Aid of Brainstorming Spreadsheet

Brainstorming Spreadsheet helps you to think in an organized way.

Your thought process gets a proper channeling by sorting out all the pros and cons associated.

It gives you a detailed insight of all the topics and different angels of representation of the ideas.

The process becomes structured and you end up with one exciting idea for your blog.

24. Explore Social Media

Tagboard, HubSpot are few of many tools, which enables you to explore the social media.

Using these ones can get to know the current ongoing topics, people interests, most shared subject and so on.

Filter your choices from there and use them to shape your blog post as reader’s favorite spot.



This may happen that your blog post might not deliver expected results. Failing again and again can shatter your zeal and spirit.

So, before this happens prepare a blog strategy to get desired results without hassles.

Above mentioned are the 24 strategies you can use & practice to create brilliant blog posts.

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