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Do you work day and night to write high quality but unable to reach your target audience? Then, you need to review your content marketing strategy to find out the loop holes.

To make sure that your writing efforts do not go unnoticed, you need to emphasize on your content marketing. Marketing the content on the right platforms at the right time is as necessary as writing high-quality content.

To help you find out the useful platforms and websites where you can publish your content, we have gathered 22 useful sites which will bring the targeted traffic to your blog post.

1. Medium



It is a free and open platform where anyone can write and share their views.

Why you should publish content on Medium?

  • It figures out your Facebook and Twitter audience and automatically connects your with them.
  • It lets you know, how many people viewed and how many read, till the end.

You can share your story on Medium by clicking on this link: Publish your Story

2. LinkedIn


Gone are the days when only LinkedIn Influencers could publish content on LinkedIn, as now anyone can use the platform for publishing content.

Why you should publish content on LinkedIn?

  • It automatically matches the blog’s topic with the users who share their interest in that vertical.
  • It provides a greater exposure to your blog post and helps you reach your target audience.
  • The platform can either be used to share an update and navigate the readers to your website or otherwise it can be used to publish an article and generate pulse, so that it can be read on LinkedIn Pulse.

You can share your articles on LinkedIn by clicking on this link: Write an article

3. Quora


This platform lets you share and grow the world’s knowledge. You can share your content in the form of answers and put forward your ideas. You can even create your own blog on Quora.

Why you should publish content on Quora?

4. Facebook


The largest social networking site provides you a platform where you can share your blog posts and   content.

Why you should publish content on Facebook?

  • It helps you reach larger group of audience.
  • You stay connected with your potential audience through this social network.

5. LinkedIn SlideShare


SlideShare was launch with a goal to share the knowledge easily. The platform joined LinkedIn family in 2012 and has grown to become the top destination to find professional content.

Why you should publish content on SlideShare?

  • It helps you find out that who is accessing your content, from where they are being referred to, what are the most liked presentations.
  • It also help you gain a quality inbound link by linking your SlideShare presentations with your website.

6. Inbound.org


It is an online hub which finds and then delivers the best marketing articles to you.

Why you should publish content on Inbound.org?

  • It helps you connect and interact with your audience.
  • It helps you keep your content in one place.

You can share your article on Inbound.org by clicking on this link: Publish your article

7. GrowthHackers

growth hackers

The platform lets you publish all the content related to how you can drive growth. Here you can only publish quality content, low quality content gets removed.

Why you should publish content on GrowthHackers?

 Lets you know what type of content your audience wants.

  • High-quality content gets recognized by the community.

You can share your post on GrowthHackers by clicking on this link: Publish your post

8. Pinterest


The visually oriented social network provides you a ‘Pin It’ option by which you can share your worthy content. It also provides you a blog where you can pin your content.

Why you should publish content on Pinterest?

  • It brings additional blog traffic.
  • It converts more browsers into buyers.

9. BizSugar


It is a platform that delivers the content about which entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers care about.

Why you should publish content on BizSugar?

 It helps you increase your listeners.

  • It helps you connect with other business owners in your niche.

You can submit your post on BizSugar by clicking on this link: Publish your article

10. Instagram


Instagram is a social media platform where you can post photos and videos. You can share a specific URRL of your website on the image you are sharing.

Why you should share content on Instagram? 

11. Niume


It is a platform which is community-driven and considered to be the most creative space on the internet.

Why you should publish content on Niume?

  • Helps you reach out to your passionate audience.
  • Generates revenue from posts.

You can share your article on Niume by clicking on this link: Publish your post

12. Svbtle


It is a writing and reading blogging platform which is designed specifically for creative ideas.

Why you should publish content on Svbtle?

  • Helps you reach out to more readers with its in-built audience.
  • It’s a great discovery platform.

13. Flipboard


It is a vast platform for sharing information and building authority on a specific subject.

Why you should publish content on Flipboard?

 Helps you create and curate magazines.

  • Connects all your social media accounts.

14. Reddit


This platform helps people create a community and discuss on any topic. It is a social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website. The registered community members can also submit their content over Reddit that is text posts or direct links.

Why you should publish content on Reddit?

  • It improves your user base.
  • It generates quality backlinks for your blog and website.

15. Tumblr


It is a platform which helps you discover content you like. It also helps you find out and join communities who like the same stuff.

Why you should publish content on Tumblr?

  • Helps you find out and follow more subscribers.
  • It provides the right kind of value.
  • Lets you know your audience better.

16. StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon is one of the best social networking sites for generating traffic to your website. You just need to share your valuable write-up on StumbleUpon for your followers and their fellow stumblers.

Why you should share content on StumbleUpon? 

  • Helps you connect with other StumbleUpon members.
  • Drives traffic to your site.

17. Triberr


It is a platform which helps you grow your blog’s readership. You can manage groups or tribes on this platform. Tribes are the group of people who are usually blogger and writing about a specific topic.

Why you should share content on Triberr?

  • Increases website traffic.
  • Helps you generate focused tribes.
  • It helps you converts leads into sales.

18. Google+ Communities


Google+ Communities are the groups created on a specific subject. You can create a Google+ community around on any subject and share your views and posts.

Why you should publish content on Google+ Communities?

  • Helps you create a direct connection with the target audience.
  • By linking users to useful information you can generate leads.

19. Blokube


It is a site which is built by bloggers for bloggers. The platform is designed so that you can share content and engage with other bloggers.

Why you should share content on Blokube?

  • It helps you engage with your readers.
  • Help you connect with other fellow bloggers.

20. Blog Engage

blog engage

It is a blogging community where all the bloggers can submit their blog posts. Submitted articles are sent to the upcoming page where users can read and vote on submissions. After receiving enough votes, the post starts appearing on Blog Engage’s homepage.

Why you should publish content on Blog Engage?

  • It helps you create backlinks.
  • Increases the exposure and traffic to your blog.

21. Scoop.it


It is a content curation platform where professionals and marketers can publish their content. It helps you publish curated content.

Why you should publish content on Scoop.it?

  • Drives online visibility.
  • Help in generating new leads.

22. Alltop


It is a platform which is an online directory for blogs and new websites. It is also a great source for permanent and relevant links to your business. You can submit your blog to Alltop.

Why you should publish content on Alltop?

  • If you want a better exposure on your blog, then you should submit it on Alltop.
  • It helps your blog stay on the top.
  • Improves your blogging experience.

Hope, you will publish your blog content on the above mentioned 22 platforms to win with your content marketing efforts.

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